Steve O'Hear

Steve O’Hear is best known as a technology journalist, currently at TechCrunch where he focuses on European startups, companies and products.

He first joined TechCrunch in November 2009 as Contributing Editor for TechCrunch Europe, where he worked alongside Editor Mike Butcher to help build TechCrunch’s coverage in Europe.

In June 2011, Steve took a break from journalism to co-found the London and Prague-based startup Beepl. In his role as CEO, he helped the company raise its first VC round, along with seeing the Question & Answer site through development, private alpha and a high profile public launch. In November 2012, Beepl was acquired by Brand Embassy.

Along with TechCrunch, Steve has written for numerous publications, including ZDNet (where he wrote the well-respected blog ‘The Social Web’), The Guardian, Macworld, TES, Last100 and ReadWriteWeb. He also wrote and directed the critically acclaimed Silicon Valley documentary ‘In Search of the Valley’, which was released in September 2006.

In 2002, Steve was made a fellow of the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts. He’s also one half of ProtoBake Labs, an ‘ideas incubator’ he co-founded with Pete Harris.

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  • Kwaga partners with Viadeo to add professional profiles to its semantic email filter

    Kwaga, which offers a semantic toolkit to help manage email, is partnering with LinkedIn competitor Viadeo to make the social network’s 30m user profiles available within Gmail, with other email services to follow. Specifically, Viadeo support is being rolled out first for Kwaga Context so that a sender’s Viadeo profile (if available) will be displayed, as well as other… Read More

  • GrabCAD flicks the monetization switch, launches marketplace

    GrabCAD, the open source CAD (computer aided design) library and engineering community, has flicked the monetization switch with the launch of its CAD services marketplace. Harvesting the talent of its 1,000 engineer-strong community, the marketplace connects those engineers with anyone in need of technical drawings and CAD-related services, promising a 24-hour turnaround and a flat fee of $30… Read More

  • MobiCart exits Beta to let anyone build a free iOS-powered store

    MobiCart, the free service lets users build a native storefront for Apple’s iOS, has left private Beta so that anybody can sign-up. First unveiled at the DEMO Fall conference held in San Francisco in September, MobiCart offers a fully customized storefront that can operate standalone or tie into a website’s existing e-commerce content management system via the startup’s open API. Read More

  • Europe lacks the dynamism required to produce the 'next Google'

    Europe’s business environment lacks the dynamism required to produce the next ‘Google’, according to a new report published by the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) and FORA, which compared the business climate in Europe with that of the US, as well as Canada and New Zealand. Based on detailed analysis of the growth characteristics of six… Read More

  • Apprupt, the affiliate network for mobile apps, bags MTV as a partner

    Apprupt, the affiliate network for mobile apps, has today announced that its bagged MTV Networks as a publisher partner. Four of MTV’s German mobile websites – MTV Music, VIVA, the children’s and family station Nickelodeon, as well as GameOne – will now offer iPhone users relevant and value-added apps for download via apprupt’s affiliate network. Headquartered… Read More

  • True Knowledge sets out to find the most boring day in recent history

    True Knowledge, the Cambridge, UK-based natural language search company, has set out to find the most boring day of the 20th century. Or, technically speaking, the most “uneventful” day, since the term boring is far too subjective for even the most sophisticated computer program to understand. That day, apparently, is April 11th 1954. Read More

  • exits Beta, wants to make bug tracking fun

    Let’s face it, bug tracking is a chore. It’s by far the least sexy side of software development and, frankly, many of the tools available to handle the process reflect this. That’s something that London-based startup PlayNicely Labs is trying to change with its first offering,, a web-based bug tracker that focuses on speed, UX and, well, fun. Yes, you read… Read More

  • Khojan soft launches to help London's boutique stores move online

    Khojan is a new UK startup that is on a mission to help independent or boutique stores get online, aiding their discovery in the process. Initially soft launching in London’s trendy Brick Lane and Portobello road areas, Khojan is described as an online shopping community that allows shoppers to buy products, view profiles and interact with individual shops all within one platform. Users… Read More

  • Moneybookers to rebrand as Skrill – hopes to become a verb

    Moneybookers, the European PayPal alternative or “eWallet provider”, has announced that it is rebranding to Skrill. The new name, which will take over as the consumer-facing brand by the end of 2011, is said to better capture the “ease and functionality of the company’s online payment suite”. Of course, the word skrill (short for skrilla) is already a commonly… Read More

  • Mobile music download store Gigaboxx dumps subscription charge for artists and labels

    Gigaboxx, the mobile music download platform targeting artists and record companies who want to set up shop to sell direct to fans, has dumped its monthly subscription charge to make the bulk of its B2B service free. This actually makes a lot of sense since the UK startup gets a kick back for every track sold, so why charge for the razors? Furthermore, Gigaboxx says that it’s seen 1,000… Read More

  • Anything Spotify can do – another operator offers Aspiro-powered music streaming

    There’s a strong case to be argued that, ultimately, premium music streaming services like Spotify et al. will need to partner with ISPs and telcos in order to achieve the “feels like free” proposition that’s required for mass adoption. But this is proving quite difficult, especially so when there are a number of companies offering white label versions of such services… Read More

  • iGlue, which wants to wikify the Web, launches its semantic content organiser

    iGlue, which wants to “wikify the web“, has officially launched its semantic content organizer and search application. Three years in the making before being unveiled at TechCrunch Europe’s GeeknRolla event in London last April, iGlue creates an additional information layer over web pages by using natural language technology to understand its content. The browser plug-in… Read More

  • Gruupy, a group buying site for gadget fans, gets official UK push

    Gruupy, the Ireland-based group buying site for gadget fans, has officially launched in the UK. The format is a familiar one: offer one deal a day that only becomes active is enough users commit to purchasing the item in a single 24 hour period. So far Gruupy has offered headline items such as discounted iPads, netbooks, and Xbox 360s. But the young startup, which is part bootstrapped and… Read More

  • DriveGain, the iPhone app that helps you save fuel, goes automatic

    DriveGain, the UK startup that helps motorists learn to drive more efficiently, has added much needed support for automatic cars to its iPhone app of the same name. This opens up the app to new markets “given the vast majority of cars in the US and Asia are automatics”, says Simon East, CEO of DriveGain. The app works by giving users visual and audio feedback on what changes they… Read More

  • Russian Zappos clone raises $5m in second funding round

    Online footwear store, which is essentially a Zappos clone, has raised $5m in a second round of funding from eVenture Capital Partners, Kinnevik and Fast Lane Ventures, all three of whom are previous backers. The Russian startup, which was launched only as far back as June 2010, intends to use the funds to “increase assortment” and to improve its customer service in a bid… Read More

  • Collaboration software Flowdock exits Beta with its Evernote-for-conversations

    There’s no doubt that collaboration software is an incredibly crowded space, yet many small teams often fall back on Skype group chat for their realtime conversations, perhaps supported solely by email and the likes of Google Docs. But IM conversations are hard to track, archive and turn into something actionable, especially when compared to more asynchronous and structured… Read More

  • Less Spotify, more Pandora – We7 shifts focus to more economical 'Internet Radio Plus'

    Navigating the choppy waters of ad-supported music, We7 hasn’t been afraid to change course. The UK startup began life as an innovative free music download service before transitioning to an on-demand browser-based offering. While most recently the company, which is backed by Peter Gabriel, Eden Venture and Spark Ventures, made a premium paid-for play with a desktop and mobile… Read More

  • Survey says Android owners secretly suffer iPhone-envy

    Cue fanboi wars. According to an incredibly opportunistic survey carried out by mobile comparison website, Android owners are four times more likely to covet an iPhone than vice versa. Specifically, a third of Android owners polled admitted to suffering severe iPhone-envy, whilst just seven per cent of iPhone users said that they’d prefer an Android-powered… Read More

  • BT hits 2 million hotspots thanks to its crowdsourced WiFi network

    BT has announced that its UK WiFi network now boasts over two million hotspots, making it the number one provider in Blighty. Additionally, the Telco says that it’s added more than 780,000 hotspots in the last six months to meet demand of users of smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPods and e-readers. Yes it seems that we Brits love our WiFi. It’s worth noting, however, that BT… Read More

  • Commoditising location – UK tourist agency's Facebook Places app shows the way

    If you were wondering how organisations and brands might take advantage of Facebook Places, a new Facebook application from the UK tourist agency VisitBritain provides a good example of things to come. Developed by Ireland-based Betapond, the Facebook Places application is described as a ‘global guest book’ for tourists to share their experiences of the UK and to recommend… Read More