Steve O'Hear

Steve O'Hear

Steve O'Hear is best known as a technology journalist, currently at TechCrunch where he focuses on European startups, companies and products.

He first joined TechCrunch in November 2009 as Contributing Editor for TechCrunch Europe, where he worked alongside Editor Mike Butcher to help build TechCrunch's coverage in Europe.

In June 2011, Steve took a break from journalism to co-found the London and Prague-based startup Beepl. In his role as CEO, he helped the company raise its first VC round, along with seeing the Question & Answer site through development, private alpha and a high profile public launch. In November 2012, Beepl was acquired by Brand Embassy.

Along with TechCrunch, Steve has written for numerous publications, including ZDNet (where he wrote the well-respected blog 'The Social Web'), The Guardian, Macworld, TES, Last100 and ReadWriteWeb. He also wrote and directed the critically acclaimed Silicon Valley documentary 'In Search of the Valley', which was released in September 2006.

In 2002, Steve was made a fellow of the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts. He's also one half of ProtoBake Labs, an 'ideas incubator' he co-founded with Pete Harris.

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  • Total Recall: Sentimnt lets you search and retrieve information from your social feeds

    I’ve often found myself countering the argument that the Internet is making us dumber by citing Google as a second brain: the search engine lets us remember stuff that we didn’t actually know, which is sort of true as connectivity becomes ubiquitous. But what if there was a service designed specifically to retrieve information that we have already come across but didn’t… Read More

  • Flattr opens to the public, now anybody can 'Like' a site with real money

    Flattr, the micropayment startup founded by ex-Pirate Bay associates, has opened to the public today. No longer will you need an invite in order to add the Flattr button to your web site as a publisher or to give support to the sites you visit with real money. Flattr’s micropayments business model is based on the idea of people tipping content they like, Digg or perhaps Facebook Like… Read More

  • Talentag, a "social CV" where colleagues give recommendations and Foursquare-style badges, which gets an ‘official’ launch today, is the new consumer-facing product from the team behind, the social recruiting startup. It’s pitching itself as a “social CV”, and features the recommendation element of LinkedIn but adds Foursquare-style badges and traditional tags as a fun and quick way of soliciting a ‘thumbs up’ from… Read More

  • Can't afford that BMW? FinanceAcar launches car finance comparison engine

    There are three main ways to finance a new car. A car loan, hire purchase or car leasing. And while there are plenty of comparison websites for loans, the Internet fares less well when it comes to providing sufficient comparative information for the other two types of car finance. More specifically, there hasn’t existed one site that helps car buyers compare all three types of car… Read More

  • No, I can't delete your Facebook account

    Something strange has been happening. On more than one occasion I’ve received an irate email from a complete stranger demanding that I delete their Facebook account. Of course, it’s not surprising that there are a few people that actually want to leave the uber social network – slippery privacy controls and the occasional security breach can have that effect – but to… Read More

  • Mobile music platform Gigaboxx opens beta, enables artists to sell direct to fans

    Gigaboxx, the mobile music download platform targeting artists and record companies who want to set up shop to sell direct to fans, has opened in public beta. The UK service, which was first outed in April at GeeknRolla, has a particular emphasis on live events – hence the mobile component – offering artists a “suite of marketing tools”, including their own store URL… Read More

  • Private buying club Tagadas wants to be a Vente-Privee for parents

    Tagadas is a newly launched private buying club in the UK. Only unlike the more general designer offerings of Vente-Privee, Brands4friends and their various competitors, the London-based startup is attacking a more specific vertical: baby and children’s products from brands such as French Connection and Minihaha. It could also be seen as a British version of US-based, a… Read More

  • Tiger Global acquires 50% of Russian online mall Wikimart for $5m

    Private equity firm Tiger Global Management has acquired a 50% stake in Russian online mall Wikimart, reports local newspaper Vedomosti (via blog Quintura). The deal actually took place in May, according to the report but only came to light recently. Wikimart targets countries in the previous Soviet Union, letting individuals and small retailers set up shop online, offering features such as… Read More

  • Nokia gets official Tesco Grocery app. Every little helps, right?

    Although I haven’t signed up to the ‘Nokia is doomed‘ story, I’m the first to recognise that the Finnish handset giant is facing many challenges, having been wrong-footed by the iPhone’s success and the subsequent shift to touch, followed by the the rise of the app store. Or, more specifically, the growing importance of third-party developers and the perception of… Read More

  • Aupeo to 'Stream' to Acer's flagship Android phone, start of partnership

    Aupeo, the music streaming service, has partnered with Acer so that its application will come pre-installed on the latter company’s future line of Android phones. The first of which is Acer’s recently launch flagship, appropriately named ‘Stream,’ a device that features an AMOLED 3.7 inch screen, HDMI port, 1GHz processor, and Dolby Digital sound, amongst its… Read More

  • Holy iCrap! 1 in 10 smartphones in the UK will be iPhone by 2012

    I know we Brits love our iPhones but this could start to get a tad silly. According to the latest data published by mobile research agency mobileSquared, it’s predicted that one in ten smartphones that are active in the UK will be an iPhone by the end of 2012. Further still, as 2015 wraps up – bare with me here – the market will top 9.4 million iPhones or 11% of the total… Read More

  • partners with MXP4 to make music ads sticky

    Is it possible to make online ads “sticky” so that users engage with them longer? That’s the aim of a new partnership between CBS-owned and MXP4, the interactive music startup. Using MXP4’s technology, is to begin offering brands the option to create ads that users of the music streaming and discovery service can interact with, such as remixing a track… Read More

  • Is anybody out there? Tech companies #fail at social media, says study

    Nearly every company has a social media presence these days, right? And, naturally, tech companies execute best. Although perhaps not. A somewhat self-serving study by PR and marketing agency Wildfire, which analysed the social media activity of the 2009 Deloitte Fast Tech 50, found that 90% of the UK tech companies featured had a presence on two or more social networks but the majority fail… Read More

  • Lonely Planet's 25 travel guides get a dose of Augmented Reality

    Lonely Planet, the BBC World-owned travel guide company, has rolled out an Augmented Reality option for Android users. Now targeting 25 popular European, US and Asian cities, its AR-supported ‘Compass Guides’ use a combination of GPS, compass and the phone’s camera to enable users to see their current location and nearby points of interest. The app then overlays information… Read More

  • Shutl begins trial with Argos for same-day 90 minute deliveries

    Shutl, the home delivery startup that offers speedier options for Internet shoppers, is to trial its service with Argos, the shopping catalogue company that now claims to be Britain’s number one online high street retailer. And should the trial resonate with customers – the retailer did £4.3 billion of sales last year – it’s potentially a big win for the UK… Read More

  • Zoopla continues land grab, acquires UK property technology company Byteplay

    The UK land grab continues. Real estate startup Zoopla has acquired property technology company Byteplay Ltd, whose assets include, and, all three of which are now pointing to The terms of the deal remain undisclosed in what appears to be classic consolidation play. Byteplay is also the operator of the local ‘propertygazette’… Read More

  • It's a WinWin, launches referral program for Ning exiles

    Hoping to cash in further on Ning’s shuttering of its free version, competitor is upping the ante with the launch of “WinWin”, a referral program directly targeting so-called Ning exiles. The service claims to have already migrated more than 50,000 Ning networks, making it the largest “do-it-yourself social networking platform”, and hopes to continue… Read More

  • Runa Capital's $30m fund for Russian startups aims to build bridges with Europe and U.S.

    Runa Capital, a new Russian VC firm, has launched today with a $30m seed fund for early-stage Russian technology startups. It’s founded by Serguei Beloussov, chairman of Parallels and Acronis and will be advised by Alexander Galitsky of Almaz Capital Partners. In particular the new fund will target the “rapid growth tech sectors” of cloud computing, machine learning… Read More

  • Lovefilm, the Netflix-of-Europe, signs deal with Widevine to beef up multi-platform play

    Lovefilm, the Netflix-of-Europe, looks set to beef up its multi-platform play via a newly signed agreement with DRM and adaptive streaming technology provider Widevine. The deal will see the US-based company become Lovefilm’s “preferred provider of digital rights management and video optimisation solutions”, enabling the video subscription service to continue to break out… Read More

  • Barclaycard partners with KashFlow to pilot e-invoicing service

    In what is potentially a big win for Software-as-a-Service accounting startup KashFlow, Barclaycard is inviting its business customers to join an e-invoicing pilot powered by the London-based company’s wares. According to an email that has been circulated by Barclaycard that we’ve seen, the credit card company, which is owned by UK bank Barclays, is inviting merchants to apply on… Read More