Nicolas Vincent

Nicolas has been a Senior Software Engineer at TechCrunch since October 2012. As part of the dev team, he was one of the core developers for TechCrunch's redesign in 2013.

Born in San Francisco, but raised and educated in France, Nicolas graduated from EPITECH with a Master's Degree in Computer Science. During his 4th year at Epitech in 2010, he attended California State University, Long Beach, and UC Berkeley for a yearlong exchange program.

Since the age of 10, Nicolas has soaked in computers and technology, teaching himself programming languages and the use of databases, as well as creating websites for friends.

When he is not spending time working on TechCrunch, Nicolas enjoys hiking, skiing, snorkeling, collecting Scotch whisky and hanging out with friends and family. He loves to travel, discover new cultures, learn new languages, and make friends all around the world.

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