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Mike Butcher
Mike Butcher is TechCrunch's "Editor At Large". As such he has a roving brief to write about Startups, Venture Capital, technology trends and emerging markets. A former grunge rock drummer, he became a long-time journalist, and has since written for UK national newspapers and magazines including The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The New Statesman. Mike is also a co-founder and shareholder of TechHub, a service company for startups with several locations in Europe. Mike is the founder and on the steering committee of Coadec, the Coalition for a Digital Economy, which works to lobby for legislation that fosters a sustainable and innovative digital economy for the UK. He also serves on the Mayor of London’s "Smart London" Board, advising on Smart Cities and Entrepreneurship. A former editor of New Media Age magazine and he was also an Executive Editor on the European edition of The Industry Standard magazine. Since 1996 he has launched or re-launched numerous media web sites. In 2000 he was nominated as NetMedia’s European Internet Journalist of the Year. In 2004 he was voted ‘One of the 100 Innovators of the UK Internet Decade’ by GfK NOP, the fourth-largest custom research business in the world. In July 2008 he named as one of the Top 100 people in London’s creative industry by The Independent newspaper. In August 2008 his coverage of the European tech scene was honoured in the best “Web 2.0 and business blog” category by Computer Weekly magazine. In 2009 Mike was named one of the Top 10 bloggers on Twitter in the UK. In October 2009 he was named one of the Top 50 most influential Britons in technology by The Daily Telegraph newspaper. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 he was named as one of Britain’s Top 100 “digital power-brokers” by Wired UK magazine. In November 2010 Mike was named as one of London’s most influential people in New Media and “king of dotcom commentators ” by The Evening Standard Newspaper, and again in 2011. He has spoken at the prestigious Monaco Media Forum and Le Web, among many other conferences, and has been a Davos / World Economic Forum "Media Leader". Mike is a regular commentator on the technology business, appearing on BBC News, Sky News, Channel 4 and Bloomberg. Personal blog: mbites.com | Twitter: @mikebutcher | Linkedin.com/in/mikebutcher | Facebook.com/mikebutcher | Google+: Gplus.to/mikegbutcher Mike supports: Apps For Good: A non-profit which aims to ignite a passion for technology and social enterprise in young people in the UK. TeenTech: Which runs events to help young teenagers see career possibilities in Science, Engineering and Technology. Coderdojo: Free not-for-profit coding clubs and regular sessions for young people in the UK, Ireland and US. Code Club: A UK nationwide network of volunteer-led after school coding clubs for children aged 9-11. Young Rewired State: The philanthropic arm of Rewired State - which aims to foster the young children and teenagers who will become tomorrow's technology stars. TeenTechEvent: A non-profit which runs one-day events to help young teenagers see the wide range of career possibilities in Science, Engineering and Technology. YoungRewiredState: A non-profit network of software developers and designers aged 18 and under. Disclosures (reviewed, approved and signed off by TechCrunch/AOL): I'm a Co-founder and 50% owner of a co-working space in London, TechHub, established because it solved a problem for startups back in 2009, and today (I'm a strategic adviser only - not operational or 'commercial'). I'm the founder and chair of "The Europas" annual tech startups awards for European startups and its associated events. I'm on the advisory board of The Coalition For A Digital Economy, a UK non-profit which argues for a 'digital first' approach to business legislation. I'm an advisor to Seedrs.com, a crowd funding platform, but I maintain journalistically independent views on crowd-funding. I hold 11 shares in BT which makes about $10 a year in dividends and I can't be bothered to cancel. CrunchBase profile →

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  • Money Mondays: ArtistsOnline

    Only one entry worth showing in this week’s Money Mondays this week… They say: “ArtistsOnline enables visual artists, illustrators, craft makers, photographers and the like to promote and sell their work. ArtistsOnline has two customers, firstly, artists wanting to promote and sell their artwork. There is a free account that will enable them to do this. There is also a… Read More

  • Money Mondays: deadline today

    Today is the second week for our Money Mondays Showcase. As outlined before, here’s the format.
    a) It is not a live, real world event (yet)
    b) We will publish your URL, a handful of relevant sentences we have picked out of your submission (no more than 300 words please) and your contact email address.
    c) This initiative is mainly for very ‘early’ companies with either a beta or… Read More

  • Benchmark invests $12.5m in Igglo

    Benchmark Europe has confirmed it has invested $12.5m in Finland-based Igglo.fi to expand into the UK. The move comes as a number of other ‘aggregator’ search sites for real estate start to ramp-up in the UK, in particular Nestoria, Zoomf, OnOneMap and Extate. Currently Extate is understood to be in funding negotiations with an unnamed VC. It recently enhanced its service… Read More

  • Boo.com to relaunch

    Boo.com – a notorious dotcom bubble startup – is planning to relaunch. The confirmation has been made in Swedish media magazine “Komet” by Jonas Arnberg, who works for Handelns Utredningsinstitut (HUI), a respected retail research institute in Sweden. Arnberg told Komet that given that the internet shopping market had developed so much over the past couple of years, it… Read More

  • Pitch invasion: the battle for the mobile social space

    What’s happening with mobile social networking? It suddenly seems to be the new frontier for Web 2.0, in particular now that moves by Three on flat-rate Internet access and T-Mobile’s Web and Walk are starting to gain traction. Pitch is – supposedly – new mobile social networking tool which – their PR at least – seems to think is a ‘MySpace killer’. Read More

  • Excite launches the Excite MIX start page

    Remember Excite? The web portal pioneered the “My Excite” home page when ‘start pages’ like Netvibes and Pageflakes were barely a twinkle in their creators’ eyes and Widgets were still strange things made by Apple which nobody used (OK, so that’s still true). Well now Excite is back to claim it’s start page crown – if there is such a… Read More

  • Blogging Live: Silicon Valley at Oxford

    Evening panel session: Matt Cohler of Facebook
    Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn
    Chris Sacca, Head of Special Initiatives at Google
    Alan Morgan, Mayfield, Silicon Valley VC firm
    Chaired by Jonathon Guthrie from the FT [Note: All quotes are paraphrased. Apologies for typos.] Matt Cohler of Facebook: A pertinent question is how do you bring Silicon Valley to Oxford? Yale modelled itself of… Read More

  • Live blogging: Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford event

    Live blogging this: Lunchtime Panel: Chris Sacca, Head of Special Initiatives at Google
    Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn
    Allen Morgan, MD of Mayfield
    Alex Welch, founder of Photobucket
    Matt Cohler of Facebook
    Julie Farris of Scalix
    Pete Flint of trulia.
    Mike Malone, editor of ABCnews.com’s Silicon Insider
    Villy Wang, Executive Director and Co-Founder of BayCat
    Ellen Levy is an… Read More

  • Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford

    Today I’ll be at Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford which features, among others, people like Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn.com), Om Malik (author of GigaOm and contributing editor to Business 2.0) and Alex Welch, CEO, founder of Photobucket. Tune in later today for some coverage of the event (assuming they let me into the WiFi, of course). Read More

  • Money Monday: CreateMyNet and SiteVista

    In our first “Money Mondays” we showcase two startups looking for their first round of proper funding. If you would like to be part of a Money Mondays showcase, see here for more information and here for details, and here for the contact form. They say: “CreateMyNet allows people to build business and professional network communities… via secure environments that… Read More

  • Benchmark: Clean tech and social networking the focus for 2007

    Following the news that Benchmark Capital Europe has raised €430 million for its new (third) European venture capital fund, I spoke to Barry Maloney (pictured), partner with Benchmark. The fund has found itself significantly oversubscribed, making it one of the largest venture capital firms in Europe. Past investments include Bebo, BetFair PageFlakes, RawFlow, RebTel, Zopa and Setanta. Read More

  • ShoZu Interview

    TechCrunch’s Mike Butcher spoke to Dr. Andy Tiller, CTO of ShoZu.com, about their latest moves (including enabling the uploading of content from the mobile via WiFi), and whether the concept of “Mobile 2.0″ really does have “legs”. The audio is 15 mins long. <p> </p> Read More

  • Money Mondays: First deadline is today

    Today is your first deadline to get your information in to feature as part of our Money Mondays Showcase. Just to prevent confusion here’s the format. a) It is not a live, real world event (yet)
    b) We will publish your URL, a handful of relevant sentences we have picked out of your submission (no more than 300 words please) and your contact email address.
    c) This initiative is mainly… Read More

  • Online TV startup links with ISP

    Given the news of BT buying PlusNet, it’s interesting to note that another small rival to BT in the UK broadband market is freedom2surf. With BT attempting to enter the TV market with BT Fusion Vision (at least, some time this century possibly), could F2S offer another tasty morsel for the giant? Because, aside from the usual ISP offerings, F2S has just become the first ISP to sign a… Read More

  • BuddyPing: The new wave of MoSoSo

    “I started BuddyPing as a hobby, and it kinda just took over my life.” So says Justin Davies who launched an open beta version of BuddyPing as a “bet” nine months ago. Normally the head of the small London-based mobile consultancy Ninety Ten is more used to advising other startups and companies on their mobile strategy. BuddyPing was going to be different. This was… Read More

  • First ever London Open Source Jam at Google

    Ben Laurie, of Apache-SSL fame has posted about the the First London Open Source Jam, to be held at Google’s London Victoria HQ this Thursday, 16th Nov. Quoting: “Some people may choose to present a 5 minute lightning talk on what they’re doing. Then little groups will form and people will work together on code! We’ll encourage contributing good things back to open… Read More

  • Minibar London: Another 2.0 event

    Minibar, another new event (see also London 2.0) aimed at the BarCamp/developer crowd, has turned up giving people “a chance to snaffle some free beer while discussing p2p, Creative Commons, web applications, social networking and general Web 2.0 mayhem.” If this sounds off-putting, then consider this: So far they have 60+ people registered from the following companies: ebay… Read More

  • MySpace in talks with UK mobile networks

    UK mobile operator 02 has confirmed it is in talks with MySpace (among others) over a tie-up to allow their subscribers to access MySpace pages and their own profile via mobile. Although MySpace has been doing this for a while with the MVNO Helio in the US, it is reportedly looking to land a bigger fish in the form of Cingular, the number one mobile network in the US – so talking to… Read More

  • TechCrunch UK & Ireland launch party video

    Apologies for the delay, but here (YouTube version) and here (MyDeo version for Windows) is the video we shot at the recent TechCrunch UK & Ireland launch party. Just this once we pushed the envelope and brought in the fabulous Silver Apple Media to shoot some high quality footage at the event, of which this is just a taster. This is not intended to be an in-depth piece, more an overview. Read More

  • CreateMyNet takes on business networking

    CreateMyNet is a social networking site aimed at small businesses, professional associations, trade associations and individuals. It’s currently in Alpha testing and the public Beta is – according to a press statement in October – due out this week. With the permission of its owners, TechCrunch UK secured a look at the Alpha version, and it is still very much in the early stages. Read More