Mike Butcher

Mike Butcher

Mike Butcher is the Editor-At-Large of TechCrunch. Mike is also involved in a project to bring European technology entrepreneurs and investors together in a club environment called TechHub, in London initially.

A long time journalist, Mike has written for U.K. national newspapers and magazines including The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The New Statesman. He is a former editor of New Media Age magazine, the leading new media weekly in the UK, and the European edition of The Industry Standard magazine.

Since 1996 he has launched numerous media web sites and in 2000 he was nominated as NetMedia's European Internet Journalist of the Year. In 2004 he was voted ""One of the 100 Innovators of the UK Internet Decade"" by GfK NOP, the fourth-largest custom research business in the world. In July 2008 he was put at No. 47 out of the Top 100 people in London's creative industry by The Independent newspaper and The Hospital Club. In August 2008 TechCrunch Europe was awarded the best ""Web 2.0 and business blog"" in the U.K., by the readers of Computer Weekly magazine. In 2009 it was named as one of the Top 10 blogs out of the U.K.

Also in 2009 he was named one of the Top 10 bloggers on Twitter in the U.K. In October 2009 he was named one of the Top 50 most influential Britons in technology by The Daily Telegraph. In April 2010 he was named as one of Britain's Top 100 ""digital power-brokers"" by Wired UK magazine. In November 2010 he was named as one of London's most influential people in New Media and ""king of dotcom commentators"" by The Evening Standard Newspaper. In February he was listed as one of the Top 100 most influential people on Twitter in the UK. He has spoken at the prestigious Monaco Media Forum and Le Web, among many other conferences. Mike is a regular commentator on the technology business, appearing on BBC News, Sky News, Channel 4, and Bloomberg.

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  • TechCrunch UK and Ireland jobs board now open

    Did I mention we had a jobs board? The jobs board is now open for business here. Come by. Read More

  • Event: Virtual worlds show hits London

    Later this month Virtual Worlds Forum Europe (VWFE) is going to be the first major conference in Europe, let along the UK, about – guess what – virtual worlds. It’s odd that it’s taken this long to have a major event about this most fascinating of areas, of interest both to everyone from technology entrepreneurs to media/marketing people. Of particular interest to… Read More

  • Event: Facebook Debate in London

    Fancy learning a little more about Facebook? Those nice people at BIMA have given us two free tickets to The Great Facebook Debate (currently sold out at £25 a head) on Wednesday 17th Oct 2007, 16:30 – 21:00 in London. The debate’s speakers will aim to explore and challenge the various ideas currently being touted in blogs and mainstream media about the all-consuming Facebook… Read More

  • Mippin monetises feeds for mobile

    Yesterday I went along (proof) to the demo by Refresh Mobile of their new service: Mippin. Refresh – backed by Accel Partners – is best known for creating the Mobizines service (which in many ways almost became a noun in it’s own right) only last year. The idea there was that site owners could have their content wrapped in a Mobizine java client and have advertising set… Read More

  • Got a video startup?

    I’m planning a review of online video startup companies in the UK and Ireland. I think I have a fair idea of who to look at but I just want to make sure I haven’t missed anyone. If you have a project which falls into the video category then either submit your company or contact me. Thanks in advance. Read More

  • Is Wuala a BitTorrent 2.0?

    Normally I like to stick to UK and Irish firms on this site but I’m going to make an exception with Wuala, because it looks pretty interesting. “Wua.la” is a startup coming out of Switzerland, which I met at the recent Future of Web Apps conference in London. Co-founder Dominik Grolimund – who is as of today, driving around in Silicon Valley pitching the idea –… Read More

  • Jaiku bought by Google

    BREAKING NEWS: Jaiku, the Twitter-like service from Finland, has been bought by Google. Jaiku Founders Jyri Engeström and Petteri Koponen today posted this on their homepage: “While it’s too soon to comment on specific plans, we look forward to working with our new friends at Google over the coming months to expand in ways we hope you’ll find interesting and useful. Our… Read More

  • Google buys social mobile startup Jaiku

    BREAKING NEWS: Jaiku, the Twitter (and Pownce)-like service from Finland, has been bought by Google. Jaiku Founders Jyri Engeström and Petteri Koponen today posted this on their homepage: “While it’s too soon to comment on specific plans, we look forward to working with our new friends at Google over the coming months to expand in ways we hope you’ll find interesting and useful. Read More

  • Supersize Wi-Fi with your McDonald's burger?

    Suddenly Britain seems awash with WiFi. McDonald’s is to now offer free WiFi to customers in 1,200 of its UK outlets, in an attempt to lure customers away from rival food chains and coffee shops like Starbucks. In theory their free offer could save someone £260 a year, if they used paid-for WiFi for an hour a week (says McDonald’s). The Cloud will provide the network, which is… Read More

  • News In Brief, or 'The Dredge' 8/10/07

    The first of a regular ‘dredge’ of items of interest, in no particular order… • UK-based Dopplr has launched its blog badges, previously announced at the FOWA conference last week. The badge shows your future trips on your webpages in as much or as little detail as you’re comfortable with. You can change what’s shown using privacy settings. You can also just… Read More

  • Joost signs ITN News

    As Internet P2P broadcaster Joost begins going public with its beta software and signing deals with broadcasters, the latest is with number three UK news network ITN which will provide Joost with short news, sports, business and weather bulletins. ITN will also produce a Joost-only programme entitled Movie Buff, featuring movie news, reviews, and interviews, as well as two sports shows. The… Read More

  • Chandlee to head Facebook UK ad-sales

    Facebook has hired Yahoo exec Blake Chandlee to head up the company’s UK ad-sales team. Chandlee was Category Development Officer, charged with growing Yahoo’s advertising business with consumer goods firms. Chandlee joined Yahoo! in 2003, and rose to commercial director. Facebook has already picked out an office in London’s Soho, where most of the advertising agencies… Read More

  • The Facebook backlash? No, but funny all the same

    Facebook has overtaken MySpace in the UK not just in numbers but in general mind-share in the media and water-cooler conversation. We appear to be obsessed with it. Even to the point where deleting your Facebook profile is actually equated with something as serious as suicide. But there comes a point when too much is too much. And it’s reaching that point where being bitten by… Read More

  • eBay deleting auctions with Jajah buttons

    It’s a little like a dirty fight in the school yard: Little kid throws stone at big kid and when the teacher turns round, the little kid starts bawling and the big kid takes the heat. On Monday Internet telephony company Jajah started releasing “call-me” buttons which sets up a real phone call between two parties, with the voice re-routed over the Internet. Jajah… Read More

  • BT buys into the FON WiFi network

    The UK’s top fixed-line telco, British Telecom, has partnered with with Wi-Fi startup FON which will allow its three million UK broadband customers to roam across eachother’s WiFi hotspots, and those of FON users across the planet. As part of the deal BT has also taken a stake in FON, which already counts Google, eBay, Sequoia Capital and Index Ventures among its investors, in a bid… Read More

  • Flexiscale launches on demand hosting

    Flexiscale, a new hosting on-demand computing service aimed at Web 2.0 startups, launched in the UK today. It will compete with Amazon’s EC2/S3 service. The move is significant because there is currently only one other on-demand, ‘pay as you go’ hosting solution in Europe aimed at startups, which typically offer free services to begin with and thus need hosting which is… Read More

  • At Future of Web apps today

    If you’re at the Future of Web Apps conference in London today look out for me (Mike Butcher, TechCrunch UK & Ireland) as I’ll be hanging out and looking for things to write about. My contact details are here. We’re also delighted to have Mike Arrington, TechCrunch editor-in-chief and founder, over here too. This morning he appeared on a morning panel and he’ll… Read More

  • On-demand host goes up against Amazon S3

    Flexiscale, a new UK-based on-demand computing service aimed at Web 2.0 startups plans to compete with Amazon’s EC2/S3 service. The move – announced at today’s Future of Web Apps conference in London – is significant because there are so few ‘pay as you go’ hosting solutions in Europe, so the launch of a new service shows there’s real demand of this… Read More

  • Rememble and Miomi herald the long-play DLA

    As Mike Arrington noted recently, a new class of startups is emerging that is addressing a new space in digital lifestyle aggregation. It’s about winning people for years to come, helping them assemble their memories (blogs, images, video), and, bluntly, locking them in through the amount of sheer time they’ve invested. In the US, Our Story (which has raised $6 million in… Read More

  • FriendVox brings IM to Facebook

    Launching this Friday, FriendVox is a instant messaging client for Facebook made by London-based Techlightenment, which recently did the Bob Dylan and Socialistics app. It claims to be the first instant messaging client to embrace social networking by highlighting the people in your network who have a lot of followers, and other data it determines from your network. Nor do you need to install… Read More