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Michael Arrington
J. Michael Arrington (born March 13, 1970 in Huntington Beach, California) is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of TechCrunch, a blog covering startups and technology news. Arrington attended Claremont McKenna College (BA Economics, 1992) and Stanford Law School (JD, 1995) and practiced as a corporate and securities lawyer at two law firms: O'Melveny & Myers and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. His clients included idealab, Netscape, Pixar, Apple and a number of startups, venture funds and investment banks. He also co-authored a book on initial public offerings. In 1999, he left WSGR to join RealNames as VP of Business Development and General Counsel. In 2000, he cofounded Achex, an online payments company, that was later acquired by First Data Corp for $32 million. Achex is now the back end infrastructure to Western Union online. Arrington worked in an operational role at a Carlyle backed startup in London, founded and ran two companies in Canada (Zip.ca and Pool.com), was COO to a Kleiner-backed company called Razorgator, and consulted to other companies, including Verisign. In May 2008, Time Magazine named Michael Arrington as one of the world's 100 most influential people. Conflicts Of Interest Updated 10/23/12 I am a partner at CrunchFund, a venture capital firm with investments in many startups around the world. I am also a limited partner in many other venture funds which have their own startup investments. Because of these investments, if there's a startup there's a good chance I'm a direct or indirect investor in it. Many times I won't even know that I'm an investor, because venture funds that I invest in don't normally share non public information with limited partners. Also, CrunchFund's investors include AOL and many of the top tier venture funds. That means I invest in a lot of startups. And I invest in a lot of venture funds. And a lot of venture funds have invested in me. I also occasionally own public company stocks. I currently own shares of Facebook. Until recently I owned shares of AOL. I also own other public company stocks through the management of a third party, although I typically don't know about those investments and they are primarily not in the tech industry. Sometimes I have so many financial conflicts of interest that I can't even keep them straight. So when you read what I write on Uncrunched, TechCrunch or wherever, understand that I'm conflicted. A lot. How do I deal with this and still write? I addressed it in one of my first posts on Uncrunched in 2011: "Here are the things you can expect from me: TRANSPARENCY: I will disclose, as I've always done, all financial conflicts of interest (I have lots and lots of those). I'll also disclose other conflicts of interest, like friendships, when I can. I know a lot of you don't understand why I can't disclose all conflicts of interest. The answer is that if I did, not that many people would want to talk to me in the direct, honest way that I prefer. As a reader you must remain aware of the inherent bias in everything you read, and form your own opinions accordingly. Read this post on TechCrunch and the links for more about how I see the world. TRUTH: I always try to find the truth in a situation. That unvarnished, pure nugget of truth at the core of every issue that I write about. Sometimes this takes more than one post, and sometimes I have to go back and correct things I've gotten wrong. I'll continue to do that. For more on this, read my post about process journalism. BIAS: I have lots of it, and I never try to ignore it or hide from it. The main thing to know about me is that I'm a champion of entrepreneurs and the startups they build. They are my rock stars. If in doubt I side with them, and that's clear from my writing. For more on this, read my ll always disclose the conflict of interest directly in that post. CrunchBase profile →

Latest from Michael Arrington

  • Getting The Band Back Together: Picadee Founded And Funded By The iLike Guys

    Keep an eye on yet-to-be launched Picadee, a new Seattle startup getting some buzz. The company was founded by former iLike employees Marcus Womack, Mike Bohlander, Ray Fortna and Josh Hepfer, and has taken a seed round of funding from iLike founders Ali Partovi and Hadi Partovi. The company isn’t saying what it’s doing yet, but this is a team that has performed well together before. Read More

  • Source: This Hulu/Yahoo Story Is BS

    Interesting story breaking that Yahoo put an unsolicited bid in to acquire Hulu. For all I know it’s completely true. But I’ve just received an unsolicited message from a source close to Yahoo that says it’s completely untrue (probably because of all my digging the last week on this Yahoo story). Yahoo hasn’t had any meaningful conversations with Hulu about a buyout… Read More

  • Yahoo's 360 Degree Turnaround

    Oof, Yahoo. The Alibaba dispute, just the most recent Yahoo trainwreck, is still a fresh wound for shareholders. And things are getting worse. Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz has long promised a turnaround at the lagging company. But we’ve been digging for new information about the state of Yahoo in advance of the annual shareholder meeting later this week, and everything we’re hearing… Read More

  • Be The Mark In Blekko's 3 Engine Monte

    Search engine Blekko is pretty excited about their new Zorro launch that I just wrote about. All new design, a move from red to blue links and a general declutterfication is just the shiny stuff on top. Underneath there’s a new web index and they’re really putting those slashtags to work – about 1,000 of them are now auto-added to appropriate results pages. But enough… Read More

  • Slash Through Spam With Blekko's Zorro Update!

    Slash Through Spam With Blekko's Zorro Update!

    Ok, I got a little over excited in the title. But the new version of search engine Blekko, called Zorro and launching right now, is pretty cool. There have been big improvements visually. Gone are the red links of the previous version along with most of the left sidebar clutter. In fact, that left sidebar is gone and has been replaced with small icons next to search results to tell you what… Read More

  • Why We Often Blindside Companies

    A couple of weeks ago I apologized to the CEO of AdMeld for writing about their acquisition without even contacting him to let him know beforehand or ask for a comment. He wrote back “the call would have been nice.” I know how frustrating this is because news about me has broken more than once without me getting that call. But I understand. Sometimes a story is breaking so fast… Read More

  • Sequoia Capital To Double Down On Evernote With Big New Investment

    Evernote is as hot as any startup in Silicon Valley, even if they don’t get quite as much press. Last year they raised $20 million from Sequoia Capital, on top of the $25 million they’d already raised. The company is profitable with 70 employees, and has revenue of more than $1 million per month. Profitable enough, in fact, that it’s rumored they haven’t spent a penny… Read More

  • Education Incubator Imagine K12 Picks Ten Startups For Its First Class

    In March we wrote about the launch of Imagine K12, a new startup incubator modeled on Y Combinator that is focused on the education space. It was founded by startup veterans Geoff Ralston, Tim Brady and Alan Louie. The company sorted through some 200 applications, interviewed 36 startups and made offers to ten startups for the first class this summer. All accepted, took an average of $20,000… Read More

  • Zynga v. Vostu: Vostu Uses The "I Know You Are But What Am I" Defense

    The TechCrunch office pool predicted Vostu would respond to the Zynga lawsuit alleging that Vostu’s entire business is basically to copy every single thing Zynga does in one of two ways. They’d either use the “I know you are but what am I defense,” or just a more straightforward “It wasn’t me” approach. It turns out they just did… Read More

  • WAR! Zynga Sues The Hell Out Of Brazilian Clone Vostu

    WAR! Zynga Sues The Hell Out Of Brazilian Clone Vostu

    “Let’s be clear – it is one thing to be inspired by Zynga games, but it is entirely different to copy all of our key product features, product strategy, branding, mission statement and employee benefits lock, stock and barrel. We welcome Vostu into the arena of social games, but blatant infringement of our creative works is not an acceptable business strategy—it is… Read More

  • Hell Yes, Mayor Bloomberg. I'm With You.

    Hell Yes, Mayor Bloomberg. I'm With You.

    New York City Mayor Bloomberg calls for major immigration reform: The Mayor proposed green cards for graduates with advanced degrees in essential fields; a new visa for entrepreneurs with investors ready to invest capital in their job-creating idea; more temporary and permanent visas for highly skilled workers…The Mayor also announced the results of a study conducted by the Partnership for… Read More

  • Troubled Startup Color Loses Cofounder Peter Pham

    Troubled Startup Color Loses Cofounder Peter Pham

    Peter Pham, the president and a cofounder of mobile social startup Color, is no longer with the company, we’ve heard from multiple sources. The company launched publicly less than three months ago. Color has been controversial because it raised so much venture capital – some $41 million – and had such a lousy launch reception. The service creates proximity based social… Read More

  • Google Acquires AdMeld For $400 Million

    Google Acquires AdMeld For $400 Million

    AdMeld, an advertising optimization platform for publishers, has been acquired by Google for around $400 million according to multiple sources. The company, which launched in 2007, has raised just $30 million in venture capital from Foundry Group, Spark Capital, Norwest Venture Partners and Time Warner Investments. This is a sweet comeback for CEO Michael Barrett. As I noted in our first… Read More

  • The Stars Align For Spotify (Really This Time, Maybe)

    Music streaming service Spotify (more convenient than piracy!), long enjoyed in Europe and long longed for in the U.S., may finally finally have its ducks in a row. If a number of interdependent deals come together, the service may soon be available to U.S. users, Facebook Music might finally become a reality, and a new round of venture capital may be injected into the company. As usual, it… Read More

  • Square Raising New Round, Joining Billion Dollar Valuation Club

    Square Raising New Round, Joining Billion Dollar Valuation Club

    There are a bevy of startups in the process of raising big rounds of capital at billion dollar or higher valuations – something that was a rare occurrence even a few months ago. We’re tracking most of these deals (and have written about the ones we’ve confirmed). Now, we’ve confirmed via multiple sources, is payment startup Square’s turn. The company is raising… Read More

  • Experian Acquired Child Safety Startup SafetyWeb

    Nearly a month ago credit behemoth Experian acquired child identity and safety startup Safety Web. Experian actually announced it on May 18 as part of its statement around its quarterly financials, although it is buried in the notes on page 39 of that statement. The acquisition price was not disclosed, although we’ve heard unconfirmed reports from sources that it was in the $20… Read More

  • Facebook VP Chamath Palihapitiya Forms New Venture Fund, The Social+Capital Partnership

    Facebook vice president Chamath Palihapitiya will leave the company as he launches a large new venture fund called The Social+Capital Partnership, with backing from some of the worlds leading business and technology leaders. The new fund will be up to $400 million in size, he says, and will focus on a wide range of investments in technology, healthcare, education and financial… Read More

  • SV Angel: "We Won't Pass On Old Entrepreneurs"

    There has been a lot of discussion recently about the “peak age” of entrepreneurs. “Old Guys Rule,” said Vivek Wadhwa in 1999, citing data that showed that men over 40 who were married and with children have the highest chance of success (no data was shared on female entrepreneurs). But more recently there’s been a definite trend, particularly in the consumer… Read More

  • Let's Not Get Too Cocky About The Blubble

    Let's Not Get Too Cocky About The Blubble

    It was just a little over a month ago that I wrote “We’re In The Middle Of A Terrible Blubble!” – a post about the difference between the Internet bubble of 2000 and the “blubble” (as I call it) that we’re in today. The short version of the post is this: venture capitalists like to declare valuation bubbles to fight rising valuations, and the press eats… Read More

  • Former Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra Heads To MapMyFitness

    One thing former Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra has besides one of the funnest last names ever to say out loud: a new job. He’s moving to from Silicon Valley to Austin and taking the CEO role at MapMyFitness, a four year old startup. MapMyFitness Founding CEO Robin Thurston will remain on the company’s board of directors and will lead the company’s product and… Read More

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