Matt Burns

Matt Burns

Matt is a Senior Editor at TechCrunch.

Matt Burns is a family man first and attempts to be a writer second. Born and raised in the heart of the automotive world, only cars eclipse his love of gadgets. He previously wrote for Engadget and EngadgetHD before moving into the party house that is TechCrunch.

His passions include emails, run-on sentences and following through with action items developed during a conference call.

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  • Zune 3.0 software now available

    Zune fanboys; go and get your 3.0 software update and just like past updates, this one adds all the new Zune goodies to the older generation. That means the new software adds the WiFi Marketplace, FM tagging, and dynamic playlists to even that old sh*t brown Zune. Thanks Redmond!  Hands-on coming shortly. Read More

  • Hammacher Schlemmer selling WowWee Rovio under the totally uncool name of Anywhere Home Sentry

    Just think of what you could do with the Hammacher Schlemmer Anywhere Home Sentry, or as we know it by and are going to refer to it as, the WowWee Rovio. You have full control over the $299, three-wheeled bot via an internet-connected browser and can even interact with those in sight of the Rovio thanks to a 640 x 480 video cam and a microphone / speaker setup. The three-wheel alignment… Read More

  • Canon' EOS 50D release date revealed and available for pre-order

    Those shutter nerds that can’t wait to get their sweaty palms all over the latest 15.1MP Canon DSLR can now fork over their cash to Circuit City or Amazon for a pre-order. Previously, Canon hadn’t announced a launch date for their latest, but according to the Circuit City product page, it looks like that date is October 6. Should you choose to wait or not, the new camera will cost… Read More

  • Per Linked-in profile page, new iPhone ARM CPU in the works

    Back when Apple scooped up PA Semi in April, most of us knew that the firm’s chips were going to make their way into next-gen iPhones, but Apple was mum on the subject. Not Wei-han Lien though; he posted his current project up on the social networking site, Linked-In, for the whole world to see Apple’s secret plans. Read More

  • NEC rolls out the 82-inch LCD8205 LCD monitor

    Chances are, the LCD8205 isn’t going to find its way into living rooms. The huge $55k LCD is geared towards commercial application, but if money ain’t no thang, buy a few of ’em. Up to sixteen of the screens can be connected together to form one monstrous 4×4, 328-inch viewing experience. Just think of the Guitar Hero 3 launch party you can have with that! Talk… Read More

  • Hey everyone! Vizio wants you to know they don't make cheap HDTVs anymore – m'kay?

    For years, Vizio has branded themselves as low-cost HDTVs. The sets were, and still are, bulked-out at Costco and making their way into a lot bargain hunters homes. In fact, I think of VIZIO as the Costco house brand and that’s image the company is trying to shed. ONE/x, Vizio’s marketing agency, has begun showing off ads touting high quality and precision engineering, not… Read More

  • World's smallest UWB developed by Ph.D. student

    Believe it or not, the image above is an UWB antenna and not some Stargate universe artifact. Taeyoung Yang, a Virginia Tech Ph.D. student, devised the idea of creating a ultra-wideband antenna as small as theoretically possible and this is it. The antenna boosts a 95% efficiency rating and the world’s smallest with a 10:1 bandwidth. Read More

  • Pradovit D-1200 projector coming from Leica

    Leica fans tend to be a dedicated, and rich, crowd and they can now add the Pradovit D-1200 projector to their stable of German glass. The widescreen native D-1200 unit thankfully sports an impressive ELMARIT-P f/2.8-3, 1/33-42 mm high-speed lens ‘cause the rest of the specs are so non Leica-ish. The 1,400 ANSI-rated lumens, 2,500:1 contrast ratio powered by a 220-watt FusionPlus VIDI… Read More

  • NAVIGON into’s low price GPS 2000S Navigator

      NAVIGON’s latest GPS device packs in the firm’s latest software updates into a lower price, and thin, package. Lane Assistant Pro and Reality View Pro both with the 3.5-inch 2000S that’s launch price at $199 should attract buyer’s attention. The whole package reminds me of the 2200S announced last week but seems to lack the free traffic updates., the budget GPS… Read More

  • Verizon BlackBerry Storm announcement coming on Sept. 15?

      Word is circling that a Verizon internal email foreshadows some “exciting news” tomorrow, September 15. Forums are abuzz that the news really is the touchscreen BlackBerry Storm announcement derived from the emailed image showing clouds and a fingerprint. We already knew that the Storm’s launch was pushed back to November-ish so a possible announcement timing does fit… Read More

  • Fujitsu Lifebook U2010 gets spec'd out – GPS comes standard

    Even though we first spied the Fujitsu UMPC back in May, it seems like just yesterday that the U2010 busted out on the sub-laptop scene. Most were impressed with the little lappie until the $1300 projected price appeared. The official release just dropped from Fujitsu and scanning over the spec sheet didn’t reveal any surprises except for the GPS integration and a FM… Read More

  • NIN latest tour a spectacle of LEDs and lasers
    from Neil Kohler on Vimeo. Wired takes on the NIN “Lights in the Sky” tour and gives us a glimpse at the systems involved. The group has always integrated special effects into their performances, but after you read this… Read More

  • DIY: 1080p projector–0068–projector–large.fl8.flv&ScrubMode=advanced&Thumb=–0068–projector–large.thumb.jpg&DefaultRatio=0.56&AutoSize=off&allowFullScreen=true&AutoPlay=off&videoId=1880&fwVideoDuration=2474&fwNumSlots=6&adSlotPosition_0=180&adSlotClass_0=OVERLAY&adSlotProfile_0=R3_overlay&adSlotPosition_1=600&adSlotClass_1=OVERLAY&adSlotProfile_1=R3_overlay&adSlotPosition_2=1020&adSlotClass_2=OVERLAY&adSlotProfile_2=R3_overlay&adSlotPosition_3=1440&adSlotClass_3=OVERLAY&adSlotProfile_3=R3_overlay&adSlotPosition_4=1890&adSlotClass_4=OVERLAY&adSlotProfile_4=R3_overlay&adSlotPosition_5=2280&adSlotClass_5=OVERLAY&adSlotProfile_5=R3_overlay&PostRoll=
    The Systm guys take on an oldie but goodie do-it-yourself project this week and complete a Lumenlab DIY Projector Kit. Workshop geeks have been making their own projectors for years, but with 1080p LCDs prices so damn low, you might want to recall those woodshop skills and build a one. While these kits do save you some scratch, the project isn’t exactly something you can build without a proper workshop&hellip… Read More

  • Sony unveils the HT-FS1 2.1 home theater speaker set

    The advent of the super slim HDTVs ushered in the era of crappy, built-in speakers. Gone are the days of large cabinet TVs and decent sound, so inexpensive all-in-one speaker solutions are increasingly more popular. Sony’s latest is the HT-FS1 2.1 setup that sports three HDMI inputs and one out, allowing owners to run all the sources into the subwoofer, with just one cable ends up at TV. Read More

  • PwnageTool and QuickPwn released for 2.1 iPhone Firmware

    iPhone owners; if you still feel the need to Jailbreak and customize your Jesusphone in the modern AppStore era, the tools needed now work with the latest 2.1 firmware. Have fun! Oh, and there is a GUI jailbreak option now for the iPod touch so you don’t have to do it manually. Read More

  • Hacking a voting machine for fun and political profit

    This hack isn’t something that you, as a random voter, could initiate on November 4, 2008. The video will not show you how to go into the booth and hit a random pixel on the touchscreen to access a secret voter override menu. Nope, this hack requires classic social engineering along a trojan horse loaded onto the initializing PC before the Sequoia Voting kiosk hits the polling… Read More

  • Hummer dealership calls it quits; sells Smart cars instead

    Flip-flop. Hopping on the bandwagon. Smart business design. Whatever you wanna call this, we’re down with it. The Las Vegas Dan Towbin Hummer dealership is jump’n ship and has plans to start selling Smart cars along with Vespa scooters instead of the monster SUVs. The car man himself says it’s more of a business decision than anything else as peeps are dumping their… Read More

  • DIY Zip Drive hard drive enclosure and other random uses for the outdated gadget Ike has you rained in for the weekend and you already folded enough Netflix envelopes? Grab that IOMEGA Zip Drive at the bottom of your parts box and throw some new life into it. The video above will guide you through the steps needed to turn the unused device into a hard-drive enclosure, project case, bank, and even… Read More

  • Google News displays '02 United Airline story and causes $1 billion run

    Google News’ credibility is, ironically, in the news after the bots in charge decided that a 2002 news article about United Airlines then recent bankruptcy should belong under the “most viewed” section. Once the headline appeared, anxious investors purged over $1 billion of the companies stock, causing it to drop from around $12 a share to just under $3 before trading was… Read More

  • Sony Reader coming to Target Stores

    Just in time for the Christmas buying season, Target is going to start pimping the Sony Reader. The e-ink reader should hit stores starting September 14, and purchasers will receive a free, early download of…wait for it…The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory. Exciting, I know. Read More