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Matt is a Senior Editor at TechCrunch.

Matt Burns is a family man first and attempts to be a writer second. Born and raised in the heart of the automotive world, only cars eclipse his love of gadgets. He previously wrote for Engadget and EngadgetHD before moving into the party house that is TechCrunch.

His passions include emails, run-on sentences and following through with action items developed during a conference call.

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  • Sony specs out the impending Vaio TT laptops The upcoming Sony Vaio TT just got a little more official today with some specs and model numbers. The top of the line VGN-TT190UBX is sure to draw some curious looks from travelers with its Core 2 Duo SU9400 1.4 GHz CPU, 4GB… Read More

  • Samsung intros the 10.2MP, HD video-capable, 10x zoom HZ1

    The Samsung HZ1 just might be one of the most versatile cameras since the Polaroid shook up the camera market. The new 10.2MP Sammy camera combines an ultra-wide 24mm lens with a 10x telephoto zoom and throws in a 720p HD movie mode for good measure. Plus, with the optical and digital image stabilization, face detection, and small bezel, what more can you want in a point-n-shoot? Read More

  • WTF cell phone edition: Japanese mother kills son with cell phone strap

    Nothing funny here, just insight about how the world is fraked up sometimes. The story goes that four days ago in Japan, a 35-year old mother claimed her son disappeared, but later admitted to strangling the 6-year old boy with a cell phone strap (not pictured above). No word on why either. Sad. via textually Read More

  • Vince Laforet's 5D Mark II HD commercial falls victim of internet leakage

    The highly anticipated first look at the 5D’s high-def capabilities has leaked onto YouTube. Fortunately for Canon, and not so much for us, the video isn’t the HD version, but rather a crappy camera phone capture of the $4,200 commercial playing on a laptop. Even still, you can tell through the 21-second preview that this Laforet’s project is going to be hot. Expect more… Read More

  • ESPN intros first Blu-ray title, 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story

    ESPN has been a leader in the high-def field from the start and is now bringing the networks telefim, 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story, out on Blu-ray. This title marks ESPN’s first Blu-ray publication when it launches on November 11 with a MSRP of $34.95. The Disney-owned station is obviously the leader in high-def sports so hopefully it’s only a matter of time ’till we can… Read More

  • Transformers 2 character, The Fallen revealed – maybe

    Images just surfaced which might feature Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen possible main antagonist – The Fallen. We’ll save you the Google’n and give you a little back-story on the evil Cybertronian Tank.  Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray player for $199

    In case you are in the market for Sony’s last generation Blu-ray player, Amazon has the antiquated BDP-S300 on clearance for $199. You should know that the player is not BD-Live ready and therefore cannot utilize all the new Blu-ray goodies like PiP but the player does have a solid history. The sale is “while supplies last” so you might want to jump on it’ still… Read More

  • Do not ride a bike down 8 Mile with Joyrider LEDs; you will die

    There is absolute no way on this green earth that I would ride a bike with these LEDs on any street with the exception of maybe a deserted Montana road or in a sleepy Vermont town. Sure, the LED-powered wheels might bring a smile to some folks, but somehow I don’t think everyone is going to be smiling with you. The images come from a single LED device, dubbed the… Read More

  • WTF weekend edition: Robot Rabbit
    Apparently, the robot is designed to inform plant owners that the plants are being watered by a pump. It’s called art and no, you are not supposed to get it. Robot Rabbit @ ARS Electronica Festival 2008 via MAKE Read More

  • Kevin Rose on iTunes 9

     iTunes 9 Ideas
    The Internet wunderkind Kevin Rose nailed the last Apple announcement and is now organizing a virtual spitball’n season ’bout what Apple should do with iTunes 9. Who knows if Jobs’ watching, or cares, but so far with all the responses, it’s a wealth of fresh ideas. Best of all, you can add your own by clicking… Read More

  • Pic of LG Renoir, the Viewty II, out in the wild

    The October release of the LG Renoir is right around the corner so it’s ’bout time that some live pics surface of the 8MP KC910. They don’t reveal anything that we didn’t already know, but do show the camera at all angles and boy is she a beaut’. The 8MP Schneider-Kreuznach lens looks so damn good protruding from the camera side and the 3-inch WQVGA LCD seems… Read More

  • YouTube restricts weapon videos in the U.K.

    AK47-touting and knife-wielding Brits are no longer going to be able to sound off on YouTube. More specifically, weapons shown intimidatingly will not be allowed as gang violence rises ‘cross the Pond. YouTube has enacted regional restrictions in the past such as banning Nazi-type videos in German but this marks this regions first restriction. The companies 24/7 content review teams… Read More

  • Vincent Laforet spends a weekend with a pre-production Canon 5D Mark II; shoots a commercial and loves it

    Professional photographer Vincent Laforet happened to be at the NY Canon HQ when a shipment of pre-production Canon EOS 5D Mark II arrived and before he knew it, he had shot an high-def commercial with the 21.1 MP DSLR. PDNgearguide posted a great weekend read ’bout the whole experience, but from the sounds of it, this camera might be a game changer with great HD video, relatively… Read More

  • Little Red Sony Reader spotted in the wild

    Some Sony Reader fanboy might, just might get excited to see a red Sony Reader pics in the vast spans that is the Internet. They say the red looks great thanks to its metallic, matte finish, but it’s kind of hard to tell thanks to amazingly bad photos. So until clear photos come from someone that actually knows how to use a digital camera appear, I’m pull the “pics or… Read More

  • LHC shut down for two months

    The world-destroying LHC has been shutdown after a large helium leak on Friday. The two-month hiatus isn’t just to fix the leak, but rather raise the selections temperature from near absolute zero to human survivable temps. Doesn’t this call into question the safety and reliability of the multi-billion dollar project though. The LHC fired up on September 10 for its… Read More

  • The 4Moms' Origami self-folding stroller

    To put this simply, the Origami stroller is the coolest gadget I have seen since the original TiVo. Seriously, and it’s just a damn stroller. The baby carrier folds then unfolds itself in a matter of seconds and coming from a parent, that’s f’n cool. The best part is that the mechanism’s power comes from a small generator that recharges with every 300 feet instead… Read More

  • Hurricane Ike seen from the ISS

    The forces of nature can be awesome. The sheer size and power of Hurricane Ike was witnessed by millions here on Terra Firma, but a select few had a dry view high up in the sky. These Astronauts aboard the International Space Station saw massive Ike from 220 miles up and took some amazing pictures of the storm from this vantage point. The kind folks at Nasa were nice ‘nough to make… Read More

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II sample pictures

    The Canon EOS 5D Mark II broke cover earlier in the week and while pics of the camera are available, pics from the camera were absent; that is until the camera aficionados at Digital Photography Review released the first set. There are 40 images available in their full resolution for you camera nerds to drool over.  Read More

  • D90 and Panasonic HVX200 high-def video battle

    The Chronicle Project over on Vimeo took Nikon’s latest DSLR, the D90, and pitted its HD video capability against a true, $5200 high-def camcorder, the Panasonic HVX200. It’s a tad surprising that while the HVX does beat out the D90 in resolution and clarity, the D90 has better color depth and an overall fine picture. Camera geeks will point out that both pictures could be… Read More

  • Philips offering OLED kit to developers and DIYers

    Philips has a treat for geeky developers, artists, DIYers and just plain geeks with an assortment of its incredibly thin Lumiblade OLED lights. The starter kit contains everything one needs to craft their very own OLED lighting solution with different size screens, shapes, and colors. The hope is that these creative types will think out of the box and create something innovative with these… Read More