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Matt Burns

Matt is a Senior Editor at TechCrunch.

Matt Burns is a family man first and attempts to be a writer second. Born and raised in the heart of the automotive world, only cars eclipse his love of gadgets. He previously wrote for Engadget and EngadgetHD before moving into the party house that is TechCrunch.

His passions include emails, run-on sentences and following through with action items developed during a conference call.

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  • Sanyo launches the EasyStreet NVM-4370

    Sanyo is busting out the feature-loaded EasyStreet NVM-4370 to a crowded GPS market. The $300 unit does set itself apart from the rest though with 4GB of built-in memory, rear-view camera input and seven million points of interest. Plus, it boosts standard fare of Bluetooth support, text-to-speech and a FM transmitter. So, yup, just another GPS unit, but a well priced one at that. Read More

  • Neuros shipping OSD 2.0 HD developers set-top box

    The second generation OSD box is now available from Neuros intended for developers. The OSD 2.0 first popped up a month ago and nothing has changed since then. The DIY set-top box still encodes high-def at 720p in MPEG 4, and supports H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4, and WMV. So if assembling a set-top box is on your to-do-list, you can now order the OSD2 developers kit for $249, but just don’t… Read More

  • Sony updating the 4k SXRD projectors

    In case you are in the market for a projector that cost more than the average, oh, Porsche, Sony has two new 4K SXRD projectors. The SRX-T110 and SRX-T105 both retain the previous generation’s 4096 x 2160 native resolution, but get a bump in lumens. The big boy T110 now spouts out 11,000 Lumens, with a contrast ratio of 2,500:1, with the T105 now at 5,500 Lumens and 2,500:1… Read More

  • SanDisk unanimously turns down Samsung's buyout offer

    Samsung yesterday, “You smell pretty. I buy you for 26 dollars a share. You mine now.” SanDisk today, “Thanks, but get your stinking offer out of here. You are grossly undervaluing me Samsung, and I don’t have to take it. The market as a whole is down and that is why our stock price as dipped since we first started talking back in May ’08. So get the hell away… Read More

  • Canon adds new lens to the EF family

    Alongside the new EOS 5D Mark II, Canon is launching a new EF-series lens.  Featuring a 13-element, 10-group lens, the EF 24mm f1.4L II USM is designed to achieve the highest standards of image quality. Two high-precision GMo aspheric lenses are employed to correct various forms of aberration such as curvature of field and distortion, with a floating mechanism ensuring crisp… Read More

  • Canon PowerShot SD990 IS and SD880 IS: Point and shoot cams for the masses

    So maybe the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, the G10, along with the SX10 IS just don’t scream your style. Canon understands that and has the obligatory, new Digital Elph upgrades just for you. The SD990 IS and SD880 IS both pack optical image stabilization and the DIGIC 4 image processor, but that’s where the similarity stops. Read More

  • Canon PowerShot SX10 IS: 20x zoom powered by AA batteries

    Some peeps must have lots of zoom and Canon’s latest SX-series model packs a lot in that department. An image stabilizer assists the 20x wide-angle zoom lens by reducing jittery motions, while the face detection should help focus in on all your families smiling faces faster. The digicam also boosts Canon’s DIGIC 4 image processor, 2.5-inch swivel screen, all powered by four AA… Read More

  • Canon PowerShot G10: 14.7MP Prosumer Flagship

    Canon’s latest DSLR, EOS 5D Mark II, might be impressive, but that price tag is awful high for those just looking for a new, higher-end digital snapper. The longstanding G-Series might just be the ticket that person is looking for, with a rich heritage of impressive cameras. 14.7MP G10 sports the firm’s latest DIGIC 4 image processor, 28mm wide-angle optical image stabilized… Read More

  • Soulja Boy expertly dissects Braid

    FYI: video does contain NSFW language. And he’s just walk’n round, jump’n on sh*t. The funnest part ’bout it youcandosom’emlikethis, “fuuccckuuuuuuuippp.” Now if you didn’t catch that, I just went back in time. Though the whole game, he just be goin’ back in time. Watch this sh*t. Insightful and extremely perceptive. I truly… Read More

  • Broadcom Chip Certification earns DivX certification

    DivX will make its way into more Blu-ray players thanks to the certification of the popular Broadcom BCM7440 chip. This single chip will facilitate DivX playback on a disc or stored on a flash drive. By taking the decoding off the software suite, and placing the task on the chip, it will allow for a significant performance upgrade and smoother playback. Curious to know if your next… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Seagate 500GB external hard drive for $89

    You can get a half a terabyte Seagate external hard drive for only $89 and when you throw in shipping, for less than a bill. Come on, that’s not bad. Ships from BuyNow Incorporated through Amazon, but the company is rock’n five stars with 12,803 ratings. Not too shabby at all. Read More

  • Toshiba Direct lets out two new Tecra laptops

     Yay! We have two new, mundane laptops brought to you by the good folks at Toshiba. In fact, they are so boring that a press release was nowhere to be found. Read More

  • The average price of Blu-ray players is dropping just in time for Christmas

    According to the latest Manufactured Product Indices from PriceSCAN, Blu-ray players are dropping in price. Thank goodness. The price index for Blu-ray players fell just 12 percent over all of Q3 2008, according to the company. The PriceSCAN Blu-ray player index is a price-weighted index comprised of the average retail price of Blu-ray players. Hopefully, with Christmas right around the… Read More

  • UK participant in Apple's "Back to School" promo getting the 4G Nano

    Well isn’t this a load of crap. Apple’s annual “Back to School” event just finished up here in the States, but is apparently getting underway ‘cross the pond. Because of the timing, those lucky Brits will get the new iPod Nano announced last week, with our students getting hosed with the previous generation. More details on Apple’s UK website. via TUAW Read More

  • Never lose your car, or harvested deer, again thanks to the Bushnell BackTrack

    The Bushnell BackTrack serves a simple, but important function. It allows users to mark a spot, digitally and not with bodily fluids of course, and then guides that person back to the original location. Sure, it’s a dumbed down flavor of GPS, but with an unintimidating feel ’bout it. The display is backlit and the whole device is weather resistant so you don’t have to… Read More

  • Finally! Zune now supports

    After years of waiting and months of rumors, the Zune now supports Audible services via today’s 3.0 update. Audible is even offering up Dean Koontz “Black River” free for all Zune owners to commemorate the partnership. There you have it folks, the Zune is now a complete media platform. Read More

  • A quick peek inside the Peek

    Just in case you are in need of some circuit board pr0n this morning, the Peek has been disassembled for the whole world to see. It’s nice to see interior alumium plating behind the keyboard, but besides that, there isn’t anything groundbreaking. Comforting to know that your $99 investment can withstand some hot and heavy emailing though. Flickr via Make Read More

  • Sony A700 DSLR receives firmware upgrade

    The Zune isn’t the only CE device receiving updates today. Sony just dropped a fresh firmware update for its A700 DSLR that includes allowing users to turn off the noise-reduction feature and updating the bracketing, along with some white balance upgrades. Nothing major, but the updates do acknowledge that Sony paid attention review complaints especially concerning the noise… Read More

  • The LP-Z3000 1080p Sanyo projector might not look like much, but she packs a punch

    Behind that unassuming Sanyo exterior lays an impressive assortment of projection technology. The 1080p LP-Z3000 achieves 5:5 pull-down at 120Hz for baby-butt smooth video playback, while the incredibly high 65,000:1 contrast ratio busts out the blacks. The 1,200 lumens takes care of the brightness and two HDMI inputs, two component, one S-Vid, along with one composite handles the inputs. Read More

  • Logitech drops omnidirection computer speakers; calls 'em the Z-5

    The latest speakers from Logitech employ omnidirectional tech to fill your room with beautiful music – or the Rush Limbaugh audio stream if that’s your thing. No power brick need, these puppies run of USB (OS X or Windows) and even come with a remote with dedicated media functions. The Z-5 speakers can be yours for $99 when the set drops later this month. Read More