Justin Kan

Justin Kan
Justin Kan is an entrepreneur, Web developer, and the 'Justin' of [Justin.tv](/organization/justintv). Justin.tv started when Justin Kan and [Emmett Shear](/person/emmett-shear) took on the challenge of broadcasting one person's life 24/7. Being web developers, they recruited co-founders [Michael Seibel](/person/michael-seibel) and [Kyle Vogt](/person/kyle-vogt) to run the business and build a live streaming video camera. For investment, they spoke with [Paul Graham](/person/paul-graham) of [Y Combinator](/organization/y-combinator) (an investor in their previous start-up) and raised seed capital. The Justin.tv website launched in March of 2007. Prior to Justin.tv, Justin Kan and his fellow co-founders created a calendar startup called [Kiko](/organization/kiko), which was also YC-backed and sold to [Tucows](/organization/tucows) in 2006. Justin has also worked on projects including [Socialcam](/organization/socialcam), [Twitch](/organization/twitch), and [Exec](/organization/exec) and is currently a Partner at Y Combinator. CrunchBase profile →

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  • Where Are All The iPad Shopping Apps?

    Where Are All The iPad Shopping Apps?

    For a tech company founder in San Francisco, I’m a terribly late adopter of new technology. My buddy in med school had a smart phone before I did. The iPhone was out for a year before I bought the 3G. The iPad? I’m embarrassed to admit, I got my first one a month ago. I held out on the iPad because I didn’t get it. It didn’t have retina display, and comparing the… Read More

  • The Rat Race

    The Rat Race

    When I was in college, I had a fixation on weight lifting. Like many other young men, I was obsessed with working out, with a disproportionate concentration on upper body muscle building exercise. Despite what it may have appeared, my focus wasn’t on being fit (I rarely did cardio, had no flexibility), it was on appearing fit and having an adequately muscular build, especially when… Read More

  • How To Get A Job At A Startup If You Have No Skills

    How To Get A Job At A Startup If You Have No Skills

    Recently I had a conversation with a friend of mine who was interested in doing product management at a startup. He was working as a consultant, but wanted to join a company like foursquare as a PM. However, he wasn’t getting any return calls and was becoming frustrated, and wanted my advice on why. I told him this:Guess what? Everyone thinks they are the next Steve Jobs, but they… Read More

  • Generation Make

    Generation Make

    In his New York Times opinion piece yesterday, William Deresiewicz calls the Millennial generation, those born roughly between the end of the 70s and the mid-90s, a generation of salesmen. Emotionless, aspiring to be liked by all, because that is what will attract the most customers. “No anger, no edge, no ego.” He got some things right. We have a distrust of large organizations. Read More

  • Trouble Hiring? Create A Cult.

    Trouble Hiring? Create A Cult.

    Everyone knows there’s a war going on today in Silicon Valley: a war for talent. Startups are competing for a limited supply of engineering and product design labor, largely constrained by the failure of the US to invest in STEM education and a terribly restrictive immigration process for work visas. Meanwhile, big companies like Facebook and Google are paying out millions to either… Read More