Jordan Crook

Jordan Crook

Jordan Crook is a writer/reporter based out of Brooklyn, NY. She writes about internet culture, social networks, and consumer-facing technology. Jordan hosts many of TechCrunch's live events, including regional TC Pitch-Offs and the world-renowned TechCrunch Disrupt conference. She's also a co-host on the TechCrunch Radio show on Sirius XM each week.

She has written for publications such as Mobile Marketer and MobileBurn.

She is now a writer at TechCrunch.

You can email her at

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  • Nokia Lumia 900 Review

    Nokia Lumia 900 Review: Initial Impressions (Video)

    Now that 9pm has rolled around and the awkwardly timed embargo has lifted, I can finally talk to you guys about the phone I’ve been playing with for the past week: the Nokia Lumia 900. I’m not going to get too detailed, as a full review and a head-to-head battle will go live in the coming days, but I wanted to hit you guys with initial impressions as early as possible. To put… Read More

  • Shazam Can Now Identify Your Content In As Little As A Second

    Shazam Can Now Identify Your Content In As Little As A Second

    Shazam has long been described as magic. You hear a song — perhaps a brand new one or maybe one that you’ve heard a million times but never knew the name of — and all you do is simply tap one button and information on that song is delivered directly to you. Magic. But even magicians improve their act, which is why Shazam has today released an update that makes its content… Read More

  • Is The Nokia Lumia 900 The Right Phone For You?

    Is The Nokia Lumia 900 The Right Phone For You?

    The Lumia 900 is a special device in that it’s the beginning of a shift. At least, that’s what Microsoft and Nokia are hoping for. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam said in September that a third mobile platform would emerge to compete with Apple and Google, and to be honest the only OS that even stands a chance is Windows Phone. That said, Nokia is putting more eggs in the Microsoft… Read More

  • The Serge SDK Can Find Almost Any Brand You Shoot With Your Smartphone

    The Serge SDK Can Find Almost Any Brand You Shoot With Your Smartphone

    Have you ever wanted to take a picture of a purse and figure out where to buy it instantly? Probably not, but now you can. Serge has built a mobile search engine that uses voice, music, vision, barcode, QR code, location, augmented reality and video recognition technology to connect users directly with brands. So, unlike a Google, you’d take a picture of a pair of Nike shoes with the… Read More

  • Songza - the Playlist App

    Music Upstart Songza Co-Founders On Battling Pandora, Spotify

    Ever since I met the Songza guys at New York Tech Meetup, I’ve wanted to learn more about the app. It’s the first music service that I’ve been excited to use, mostly because it removes the work entirely. I’ve been curious about a few things, like how Songza plans to combat the big boys, namely Pandora, and how exactly these guys are making any money. Remember, Songza has… Read More

  • Plukka Jewelry Manufactorer

    Plukka Founder Joanne Ooi On Merging Manufacturing And Group Buying

    We’ve seen a lot of group buying services cross the home page here at TechCrunch, and almost all of them have one thing in common: they sell you the stuff that has been marked down, and couldn’t be sold at the time intended. But a new startup called Plukka, an e-commerce site focused on high-end designer jewelry, is going in an entirely different direction when it comes to… Read More

  • Big Phones? So Over.

    Big Phones? So Over.

    The other day, Matt made a desperate plea: “Please don’t buy cheap Android phones.” To do so is a mistake, and the more you buy, the more cheap phones flood the market, and thus more people are walking around with crap up against their faces. And after hearing that Samsung has sold 5 million Galaxy Notes, I think it may be time to make my own plea: Please stop buying… Read More

  • Could The Birdy Be The Word In Simple Expense Tracking?

    Could The Birdy Be The Word In Simple Expense Tracking?

    When I was growing up, my dad had this yellow legal pad that sat right by the door. When he walked in at night, he wrote down numbers and codes. JCF – $12
    JSM – $42
    CCCl – $37 I didn’t understand at the time, but the numbers were daily expenses (rounded up to the nearest dollar), and the codes were tags for which member of the family he was spending on, and the type… Read More

  • Songza App Review: Pandora And Spotify Better Watch Their Backs

    Songza App Review: Pandora And Spotify Better Watch Their Backs

    Sure, there are plenty of music streaming services out there, and even ones with amazing shareable playlists, but Songza differentiates by falling right into that sweet spot between Spotify and Pandora. The app’s most interesting feature, Concierge, sets up playlists based on day and time, with filters for whatever mood you might be in. For example, on Wednesday morning, Concierge says… Read More

  • Samsung Shipped 1 Million Galaxy Note Phablets A Month (Update)

    Samsung Shipped 1 Million Galaxy Note Phablets A Month (Update)

    Update: The original press release for this announcement was in Korean only, and the translation left some room for debate over whether or not Samsung was talking about actual sales or shipments. But, we’ve received confirmation from Samsung that the 5 million figure is referencing actual sales to human beings and not shipments to retail channels. As much as I love Samsung hardware… Read More

  • StartUp Health's Initial Class Of Entrepreneurs

    StartUp Health Launches First Class Of Healthcare Transformers [TCTV]

    It was only a few days ago that we brought in co-founders Unity Stoakes and Steven Krein to discuss their new startup Academy, StartUp Health. It’s an entirely free, long-term program that is aiming to equip developers, designers, medical professionals and entrepreneurs with the skills and resources necessary to transform the healthcare industry. Hearing this, and knowing that the… Read More

  • LG Spectrum Review: This Is One Ugly Sumbitch

    LG Spectrum Review: This Is One Ugly Sumbitch

    The LG Spectrum has spent a long while with me. In fact, LG’s asking for it back, saying that my review period has come to an end. I didn’t get around to the full review until now because (to be perfectly honest with you) I didn’t really want to sit down and talk about the LG Spectrum for X amount of hours. True, there’s nothing necessarily “wrong” with… Read More

  • Black SMS iPhone App Encrypts Your Texts, Lets Playas Play

    Black SMS iPhone App Encrypts Your Texts, Lets Playas Play

    Maybe you’re just a secretive person. Or perhaps you are in the middle of leaving your job, and are talking to a boss from a competing company. Maybe you have a girlfriend… and another girlfriend. Whatever the case may be, you don’t want people reading your texts. In fact, when Greg wrote about a guest mode on the iPhone, you basically realized the biggest problem with… Read More

  • TechCrunch Reviews the Apple TV

    Fly Or Die: Apple TV

    Apple’s third-generation Apple TV didn’t really enjoy the limelight upon arrival. Something flashier stole the show. But it’s still an important product, especially considering that the way we consume media is rapidly changing. Matt and I discuss this, and actually end up arguing a little bit more than I expected, in this episode of Fly or Die. Read More

  • The Echo Nest Helps Make Smarter Music Apps

    The Echo Nest CEO On What Big Data Means To The Music Industry

    The Echo Nest is possibly the hottest music data company around right now. They’ve signed deals with Nokia, EMI, Clear Channel, Spotify, and most recently, Vevo. So chances are if you enjoy music, The Echo Nest has something to do with what songs you’re recommended. Read More

  • Nokia Could Pay $25 Million To Put The Lumia 900 In The Hands Of AT&T Sales Reps

    Nokia Could Pay $25 Million To Put The Lumia 900 In The Hands Of AT&T Sales Reps

    We’ve already seen Microsoft try to buy the love of carrier retail employees, but it would seem that Nokia is the one coughing up cash this time around. According to WPCentral, Nokia is paying up to $25 million to get AT&T retail staff to use a Nokia Lumia 900 as a “Company Use” device. This would basically mean that when you walk into an AT&T store, where… Read More

  • A 4.6-Inch iPhone With 4G LTE? I’d Buy That

    A 4.6-Inch iPhone With 4G LTE? I’d Buy That

    Alright. So you have your new iPad. You’re breathing easy knowing that the hectic, crazy part is over and you can simply relax and browse the interwebs on that stunning Retina display. But not so fast. The iPhone rumor mill started picking up the pace before the iPad was even announced, and now that big brother tablet is out and about, speculation is revving up. Today, the rumors include… Read More

  • Windows Phone Marketplace Tops 70,000 Apps

    Windows Phone Marketplace Tops 70,000 Apps

    Windows Phone has been picking up steam lately, launching the platform in China just yesterday and making headway as one of Nokia’s primary partners. But when it comes to buying Windows Phone, the big hesitation for just about everyone is apps. Both the Android Market and the App Store have surpassed half a million apps each, but today Microsoft has an exciting (albeit smaller) bit of… Read More

  • StartUp Health Incubator Program

    StartUp Health Co-Founders Want To Transform The Medical Industry

    The health sector has long been left out of the fun when it comes to innovation. Sure, we see cool health and med-tech stuff launch at Disrupt here and there, but for the most part, the entire industry is stuck in the paper age. That said, StartUp Health here in NYC is focused entirely on bringing the health care and wellness industry into the future. The accelerator has a rather unusual… Read More

  • The New iPad Fly or Die Review

    Fly Or Die: The New iPad

    iPad, iPad, iPad. What else is there to say? You already know the Retina display is amazing. You know the camera’s been improved and that that little A5X chip is super snappy. You know that the latest version of iOS supports Japanese Siri and voice transcription. You know three million iPads were sold in the first three days they were available, and that Apple is expected to sell 66… Read More