Jordan Crook

Jordan Crook

Jordan Crook is a writer/reporter based out of Brooklyn, NY. She writes about things teens like. She snaps innocent selfies and vines nudes. She has written for publications such as Mobile Marketer and MobileBurn.

She is now a writer at TechCrunch.

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  • Apple Loses Preliminary Injunction In Amazon "App Store" Scuffle

    Judge Phyllis Hamilton, who is presiding over the Amazon-Apple “app store” war, certainly meant it when she said she would “probably” reject Apple’s request for a preliminary injunction. And that’s exactly what she did. Hamilton earlier referred to Apple’s proof as a “stumbling block” in its case against Amazon, noting that there… Read More

  • Motorola Droid 3 Hits Verizon's Shelves For $199.99 On-Contract

    Even though Verizon tried to pull a fast one on us by skipping pre-order altogether, we were still accurate when we originally pegged the Droid 3 arrival for today, July 7. That’s right folks, the Motorola Droid 3 is available now from Verizon, and she’s a beauty. Big red lists the phone for $459.99 off-contract, and $199.99 with a new or upgraded two-year contract. Read More

  • Exec Pleads Guilty To Wire Fraud After Spilling Apple's Secrets

    If I can steal a quote from Mr. Shimoon, Apple has long been “crazy” about keeping new products a secret. Analysts love to throw out prediction after prediction, but when we get down to the truth of the matter, none of us knows anything about Apple’s secrets until Jobs himself wants us to. That is, except for component suppliers and their employees, one of which today… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile To Switch Up Plan Prices, Drop $10 Monthly BlackBerry Fee?

    Earlier today we received word from a tipster that Virgin Mobile will be switching up its plan rates in the near future, likely sometime this month. The new rates add $10 to the price of the 300-minute plan (was $25, will be $35), $5 to the 1200 minute plan (was $40, will be $45), while dropping the price of the unlimited everything plan from $60 to $55. Virgin Mobile offers unlimited text… Read More

  • Analyst Predicts Higher-Res "iPad 2 Plus" Will Launch In Late 2011

    Word on the street, specifically Wall St., is that Apple has an “iPad 2 Plus” in the works, with plans to ship in late 2011. Go ahead and grab a salt-shaker now, because despite the truckload of congruent predictions, I still don’t quite buy it. FBR Capital Markets’ Craig Berger claimed earlier today that Apple has asked for component suppliers’ quotes to build… Read More

  • Sony's S1 And S2 Tablets Caught Posing For Glamour Shots

    Since their announcement, we’ve been keeping a hawk eye on the S1 and S2 tablets from Sony. Both running Android (3.1 Gingerbread most likely), the S1 is a 9.4-inch wedge-style tablet while the other takes a page out of the Kyocera playbook with dual 5.5-inch fold-out screens. Sony really deserves a round of applause for these two uniquely built slates. Just a glance at any of these… Read More

  • comScore: Android Still Leads The Pack While RIM Continues To Slide

    Well, what do you know? Android is still on top, with a 38 percent U.S. market share in May, according to comScore’s latest numbers. This should come as no surprise, as we’ve been hearing the same story for the past few months. Android leads the pack, with Apple’s iOS holding strong in its second place position, while the rest fade into the background. Read More

  • Microsoft Aims At Samsung To Continue Milking Android Cash Cow

    Remember that somewhat confusing equation that left Microsoft with 5x more Android dough than Windows Phone profits? We already detailed the situation, but for those of you who missed it, Microsoft holds patents on certain facets of Android technology. Because of that, every Android-based smartphone sold by HTC rakes in a $5 licensing fee for Microsoft, an agreement the companies reached out… Read More

  • Rumor: T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide To Hit Shelves July 27?

    Even though someone in T-Mobile‘s media relations department is banging their head against a desk, we’re really glad to see all the leak love this morning. First, we got a sneak peek at some internal documents promising a July launch for both the LG Thrill 4G and the HTC Status on AT&T. Now we’re learning that the myTouch 4G Slide should hit shelves July 27, creating a… Read More

  • Best Buy Whips Out Toshiba Thrive Inventory Ahead Of Schedule

    When I sat down with Toshiba executives about a month ago, they promised that the Toshiba Thrive (once known as the Toshiba Tablet) would hit shelves in mid-July. So imagine my surprise when I found that the Thrive was already for sale at a Best Buy in Austin, TX. We’re not exactly sure why Best Buy gets a head start with the Thrive, but in any case, we’re glad to see… Read More

  • HTC Marvel Spotted Passing Through FCC With Support For T-Mobile's HSPA+ Network

    If you’re a big fan of the HTC Wildfire S, you’ll be happy to know that its T-Mo-friendly counterpart is making its way through the FCC as we speak. Dubbed the HTC Marvel, speculation suggests that the phone will sport a 3.2-inch screen and an 800MHz processor, but the FCC wasn’t so generous with official specs. Read More

  • Apple Tries To Get Rid Of Samsung Copycats Once And For All

    Rather than tap dance around the problem any longer, Apple is trying for a slam-dunk style win against Samsung in their never-ending patent war. In other words, Apple has filed for a preliminary injunction against four of Samsung’s hottest new products, the Infuse 4G, Galaxy S 4G, Droid Charge, and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Read More

  • Motorola Droid 3 Gets Leaked From 360 Angles

    Verizon has yet to officially announce Motorola’s Droid 3, but we expect to see that announcement cross the wires in a matter of hours. In fact, we reported along with other sites that the phone should hit shelves on July 14, with pre-order starting July 7. In other words, an official Droid 3 page posting should go down right about now. When big red finally does get around to posting… Read More

  • Rumor: 15 Million Apple iPhone 5s Set To Ship In September

    While rumors surfaced a couple weeks back suggesting that Apple had TWO new iPhone models in the works, at least one thing is for sure: Pegatron Technology, a notebook maker in line to supply parts for the upcoming iPhone, has been given a 15 million-unit order for the iPhone 5, with shipping to start in September 2011. Read More

  • HP's webOS Boss Encourages Team Through Early Reviews

    We didn’t exactly heart the TouchPad. We didn’t hate it, either. We even said that “WebOS and the Palm TouchPad are nearly perfect, an excellent amalgamation of everything that was ever right about Palm.” Granted, perfection in this industry lasts about as long as a battery cycle, and we had plenty to gripe about, but as far as the TouchPad goes, we have hope. But… Read More

  • South Korea Promises Paperless Schools By 2015

    The death of print has long been on the minds of journalists, writers, bloggers, etc. For those of us who grew up reading our books on paper, asking for magazine subscriptions, and watching our dads read the paper (on paper) at the breakfast table, it’s hard to imagine a world without a book case, and the handful of novels we never got around to picking up yet. In South Korea, there seems… Read More

  • Livescribe Shuts Down App Developer Program

    We were excited back in 2009 to hear that Livescribe was launching an app store. I remember, we were particularly impressed with the fact that a device so small, like the Pulse smartpen, could ignite such a thriving developer community. Unfortunately, Livescribe has chosen a new path, shutting down its developer program to focus on “cloud access, storage and services.” While this… Read More

  • Samsung Drops One Of Its Many Law Suits Against Apple

    It’s looking like Samsung and Apple got a bit carried away there for a while. Apparently the web of litigation surrounding the mobile giants has become too complicated for Samsung, who has chosen to drop one of its counter-suits against Apple. Specifically, the South Korea-based company will dismiss its counter-suit against Apple’s original April filing alleging that the Galaxy line… Read More

  • Review: HP ProBook 5330m

    Does this thing look familiar to you? Granted, there are plenty of little differences, but at a first glance, what does this remind you of? If you said MacBook Pro, congratulations, we’re on the same wave length. The brushed metal finish, the keyboard, the black bezel around the screen… it all screams Apple. That’s all I’ll say on the matter, but I maintain that it had… Read More

  • Samsung To Apple: You Say "Copyist," We Say "Competition"

    The saga continues, but at least this time we get to giggle at the tech giants’ use of sarcasm. Entangled in a patent battle with Apple, Samsung has switched up its approach to the copycat case, dropping two patents and adding another four. The South Korea-based company is also snarkily redefining the meaning of the word “copying,” opting for the less leechy term… Read More