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Jordan Crook
Jordan Crook is a writer/reporter based out of Brooklyn, NY. She writes about things teens like. She snaps innocent selfies and vines nudes. She has written for publications such as Mobile Marketer and MobileBurn. She is now a writer at TechCrunch. CrunchBase profile →

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  • T-Mobile Offers A Year's Worth Of Free Data For Father's Day

    Looking for a Father’s Day gift that just keeps giving? How does a year’s worth of mobile data sound? On June 18, T-Mobile is hooking up new and existing customers (with at least 18 months of contract tenure) with 12 months of free data for signing a new talk, text, and data plan on a two-year contract. So if you’re looking to save Dad from all those data overage charges… Read More

  • Apple Prices Unlocked iPhone 4 At $649

    As promised, Apple has started selling unlocked versions of the iPhone 4 on its U.S. online store for all you world travelers out there. Here in the states, of course, it will only work on AT&T’s 3G network. But if you venture beyond the land of the brave on a regular basis, you might as well consider snagging an unlocked model from Apple. Most other countries are already… Read More

  • iOS 5's Fancy New Camera Trick? Microsoft Has A Patent On It

    At Apple’s WWDC keynote last week, we finally got a sneak peek into iOS 5. Amongst other things, Apple revealed that its camera app would be getting quite the makeover. Pretty much immediately after the new camera tricks were demonstrated, people began noting similarities between iOS 5’s new focal features and some of those found in Windows Phone 7. Even Microsoft’s Joe… Read More

  • Meet The Most Dangerous Device In The Air: Your iPad

    I’ll be honest, I’m probably the first one on a flight to ignore the flight attendant’s announcement that “all portable electronic devices must now be switched to the ‘off’ position.” My reason? I simply don’t believe that one phone could cause an issue, especially since mine has been on during almost every flight I’ve taken. I know… Read More

  • Samsung To End Nokia's 15-Year Market Reign?

    It looks as though Nokia’s 15-year reign is coming to a close, as Samsung is expected to usurp the world’s largest phone maker this quarter, according to Nomura Research Institute. And if losing the top spot isn’t tough enough, Nokia likely won’t even take the second place position this quarter either, as Nomura sees Apple sliding past the Finnish manufacturer, as well. Read More

  • IDC: Windows Phone 7 Will Surpass iOS As Number 2 Platform By 2015

    A couple of years ago, if someone had told me that the Windows Phone platform would become more popular than iOS, I would have laughed in their face. Now, however, IDC is claiming that it just may become a reality by 2015, as WP7 is expected to snatch the number two platform spot from iOS, currently ranked just behind Android. The BlackBerry OS is expected to lose even more ground, while… Read More

  • Apple Rumored To Offer Unlocked iPhone 4 Models Starting Wednesday

    There have been quite a few rumors flying around that U.S. Apple Stores have something big in store for this week. Originally, we assumed it had something to do with the new Sandy Bridge-powered MacBook Air notebooks. However, iOS developer Chronic says Apple is planning something a bit more mobile. Read More

  • Google Yanks Malware Masking As Angry Birds Add-Ons

    North Carolina State University has apparently become our goalie for Android malware, as Xuxian Jiang and his team have found their third batch of Android malware, dubbed “Plankton,” in the past two weeks. And this time, it’s “pretty serious,” according to Andrew Brandt, lead threat research analyst at Webroot. Of course, Brandt and Webroot stand to gain from… Read More

  • Please Use Headphones If You Buy This iPad App

    Tablets are meant to be complementary devices. A tablet can not replace your computer, and it can not take the place of your phone. So it baffles me a little bit when I hear people complain that they can’t make calls on the iPad, as if their phone isn’t in their pocket. Nonetheless, there are people out there who are desperate to hold their iPad to their ear, I assume with two… Read More

  • Will The HP TouchPad Finally Bring A True iPad Competitor To Market?

    Just yesterday, HP finally let slip pricing and availability for the HP TouchPad tablet, which we now know will hit stores July 1. In terms of competition, HP is top-dog when it comes to PCs, but thus far, Apple has dominated the tablet market. The question now is, will HP’s TouchPad finally create a true, aggressive competitor for the iPad? Read More

  • Looking For Some Eco-Friendly Lighting? There's A Lamp For That

    To most of us, broken tree branches are a pretty useless find. Unless, of course, you’ve made a habit out of hunting for your own firewood. But to designer Meghan Finkel, they are the most significant component of her snazzy-looking eco-friendly lamps. Read More

  • Dell Confirms Streak 10 Pro To Launch In China First

    If the Dell Streak 7 didn’t quite provide enough real estate, I have good news: Dell has a larger tablet model in the works that should bring all the awesomeness of the Streak 7 to a bigger screen. Dell today confirmed the that Dell Streak 10 Pro is on its way, and also confirmed the existence of another mysterious Windows 7 tablet headed for the enterprise later this year. Read More

  • Apple Switches Up In-App Purchase Policy For Publishers

    Apple has been busy this week revising its App Store guidelines, first with the revision of its DUI checkpoint app policy, and now switching up the guidelines for in-app purchases. Section 11.13 of Apple’s App Store guidelines has been angering quite a few publishers as of late, forcing them to offer subscriptions through in-app purchases. In other words, Apple gets a 30 percent cut for… Read More

  • Nokia CEO Clarifies Choosing Windows Phone Over Android

    Wondering why Nokia chose Windows Phone over Android? Nokia CEO Stephen Elop clarified the reasons for that decision today, explaining that when it comes to Google’s increasingly popular OS, you just never know what to expect. “Google’s open box still has flaps,” said the Nokia boss, “and we don’t know what those flaps will do.” Read More

  • Gartner Cuts PC Shipment Forecast For 2011

    So far, 2011 has not been the year of the PC, by any means. I guess, that’s to be expected with the explosion of the tablet, but it looks like PCs haven’t yet reached rock bottom, as Gartner has revised its previous forecast for PC shipments in 2011 from 10.5 percent to just 9.3 percent, roughly 385 million units. Read More

  • T-Mobile, WildTangent To Bring 25 Cent App Rentals To Android

    One of the worst things about app shopping is the uncertainty. A few screen grabs and a four-line description is hardly enough to make an informed decision. When apps are free, it’s less of an issue, but when I’m coughing up a couple bucks, I want to know what I’m getting. A few app stores have tried to quell this issue: Amazon’s Appstore for Android has a… Read More

  • Nokia Can't Catch A Break; CTO Rich Green Takes Leave Of Absence

    To say that Nokia has been struggling would be putting it lightly. We’ve seen some bizarre commercials for Nokia’s pink N8 handset, which is more amusing than sad, but on a more serious note, Nokia has posted its lowest share prices in 13 years. That said, it’s only fair to mention that the company is in a re-grouping state, as it solidifies its deal with Microsoft to put… Read More

  • Apple Cuts Off DUI Checkpoint Apps

    A couple months ago, a few DUI checkpoint apps in Google’s Android Market, RIM’s BlackBerry App World, and Apple’s App Store made a big stir among politicians. RIM immediately removed its questionable apps, while Google declined. Apple claimed that since the apps weren’t in violation of its insanely long App Store guidelines, the company couldn’t justifiably yank… Read More

  • Tablet Crazed? You're Not Alone, Says Samsung

    If you have a tablet, or an unstoppable urge to go and buy one, you’re one of many. Samsung released findings of a survey conducted by Kelton Research revealing that 90 percent of U.S. consumers either have a tablet already, or would consider buying one. Read More

  • eyeSight Plans To Bring A Touch-Free Experience To iOS

    When the touchscreen first appeared, I felt like I had been launched into the future, until they started showing up everywhere. Now that touchscreens are pretty much the norm, the next logical step would be the no-touch screen, which is basically what eyeSight Mobile Technologies is looking to do. The same folks that developed Touch Free Interfaces have now added the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4 to… Read More