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John Biggs
Biggs is the East Coast Editor of TechCrunch. Biggs has written for the New York Times, InSync, USA Weekend, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Money and a number of other outlets on technology and wristwatches. He is the former editor-in-chief of and lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. You can [Tweet him here]( and [G+ him]( here. Email him directly at CrunchBase profile →

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  • QuickerTek Doubles MacBook Signal Strength

    QuickerTek Doubles MacBook Signal Strength

    QuickerTek has released a WiFi Transceiver that will allegedly double the signal strength of a MacBook Pro. Although that is a respectable gain, the transceiver utilizes an AC adapter which effectively limits portability. Adapters are the bane of laptop users, and the fact that this device utilizes one makes it a bit undesirable. Now if you thought that the fact that it’s powered by a… Read More

  • Apple to Launch .MacSpace (??)

    Apple to Launch .MacSpace (??)

    This is all pure conjecture, which is the best kind, but according to Bokardo, a site that covers social networking sites, Apple may be making a play in that space when Leopard hits the streets. The most interesting idea is the Wiki server that will be embedded in Leopard, allowing teams to create and share live documents. Read More

  • Blackberry Pearl Internals

    Blackberry Pearl Internals

    More on Blackberry’s Pearl which is set for release by T-Mobile on September 28th. Nothing new and amazing here, just more fodder for blackberry fanboyz, but with enough effort it might be possible to glean the chipsets used in the new Blackberry and reverse engineer your own in your garage. Or you can just stare at the pictures. Mmmm… BlackBerry Pearl internal photos [BlackberryCool] Read More

  • Daily Crunch – Fire in the Dell! Edition

    Daily Crunch – Fire in the Dell! Edition

    Some highlights from yesterday’s posts. Dell Recalls 4.1 Million Fire-Prone Notebook Batteries
    Shuttle Launches X100
    Razer Pro|Type iPod/Zune Dockable Keyboards
    Seagate to Supply 60GB and 120GB Drives for iPods?
    Cavalcade of CrunchGear Stars – You!
    Homebrew XBox Apps: The YouTube of Games Read More

  • M-Audio Session Music Creation Software

    M-Audio Session Music Creation Software

    M-Audio is now offering its Session software for Windows PCs in a stand-alone configuration, bundled with the low-cost Micro interface. Before, it was only available as a package with M-Audio’s more-expensive FastTrack USB audio interface, but now the $49 software can be used on its own, and using the ASIO (audio streaming in/out) driver lets you input your sources using the M-Audio… Read More

  • Seagate to Supply 60GB and 120GB Drives for iPods?

    Seagate to Supply 60GB and 120GB Drives for iPods?

    As legions of iPod users complain they’ve filled their music players’ hard drives to the brim— 60MB 60GB being the current maximum—there may be relief in sight. Seagate insists there’s still life left in hard drives, vowing to produce 60GB and 120GB drives, maybe for the next generation of iPods. A tantalizing tidbit from a BusinessWeek interview with Seagate… Read More

  • Speck Mobile Tune FM Transmitter and Charger for iPods

    Speck Mobile Tune FM Transmitter and Charger for iPods

    Here’s an iPod accessory that was designed to blend into the decor of your car. The Mobile Tune FM Transmitter and Charger plugs into the cigarette lighter, sticking into your car’s interior and looking like a gear shift knob with chrome on top. It’s trimmed in leather and has a backlit blue dial indicator for that certain custom look, provided that your car is trimmed… Read More

  • ArtDio SS-100 VoIP USB Speakerphone

    ArtDio SS-100 VoIP USB Speakerphone

    The hockey puck-shaped ArtDio SS-100 VoIP speaker does more than just put out puny monophonic sounds—it’s also a speakerphone designed to support Skype VoIP soft phones. Plug it into any USB port and it’s ready to function as a speaker or a microphone. Its 1.5 inch “micro metal driver” automatically shuts itself up if a phone call comes in. It uses its own… Read More

  • Dell Recalls 4.1 Million Fire-Prone Notebook Batteries

    Dell Recalls 4.1 Million Fire-Prone Notebook Batteries

    Dell announced a recall of 4.1 million notebook computer batteries, warning users that it’s possible they could catch fire. Although company didn’t say the batteries would explode, it did admit they could “erupt in flames.” The batteries, made by Sony for Dell, were sold in notebooks between April, 2004 and July 18 of this year. Dell said the batteries in question… Read More

  • Garmin Forerunner 305 Foot Pod: For Treadmill or Indoor Track

    Garmin Forerunner 305 Foot Pod: For Treadmill or Indoor Track

    While the Garmin 305 (pictured here) was happily using GPS satellites to measure distance and speed on the arms of runners, along came the Nike + iPod kit, using a shoe insert and transmitter combination that does a similar thing. Not to be outdone by the likes of Nike and Apple, Garmin has responded with an accessory for the Forerunner 305 called the Foot Pod. The device is mounted to a… Read More

  • DIY Wireless ISP

    DIY Wireless ISP

    Ever get fed up with your internet connection? Random disconnects, bad tech support, and strange outages will now be a thing of the past! With Meraki you can now run your own internet service provider. Meraki provides the software, hardware, and management services that are needed to build mesh networks and provide Internet Access. This device will be available Fall of 2006 and the mini… Read More

  • Wrist Supporting Cleavage

    Wrist Supporting Cleavage

    Boobies! Yes, that’s right folks, we at Crunchgear have finally found a mouse pad for all those fellows, or ladies, who need to cop a feel during the daily grind. Racing girl has put out a mouse pad that supports the user’s wrist with foam cleavage. We feel dirty now. Naughty Racing Girls mouse pad [Slashgear] Read More

  • Cavalcade of CrunchGear Stars – You!

    Cavalcade of CrunchGear Stars – You!

    Friends, it’s time to see the true faces behind our success – the sysadmins, the programmers, the guys walking around in a towel at noon, the real heroes that make us wake up every morning. Click through to view a video of you all in action and to see the winner of our first contest. Read More

  • SMSJock: Your Disc Jockey Connection

    SMSJock: Your Disc Jockey Connection

    Those disc jockeys are in for it now! A new technology has been released that will enable listeners to message the disc jockey directly, for a nominal fee of course. Now listeners can badger and pester the jockey into playing whatever they want. Utilizing any mobile phone with SMS functionality, the listeners can use this web-based service, called, unfortunately, SMSJock, to text directly to… Read More

  • More Buttons by Logitech

    Logitech announced additions to their Cordless Desktop line-up. These new models will streamline the use of searching applications, images, and internet phone calls. The Logitech EasyCall Desktop will enable the user to effectively take internet phone calls at the PC without extra hardware. Utilizing a speakerphone and headset, this package reduces echoes and unwanted noise from the… Read More

  • Asus P525 Gets FCC Hugs

    . Asus has had it hard lately while trying to break into the US market, so this might be the boost it needs to gain an HTC-like following of die-hard smartphone fans.
    Product Page [Asus]
    Asus P525 Got FCC Approved [Slashphone] Read More

  • GoBook XR-1: Ruggedized Ruggedness

    GoBook XR-1: Ruggedized Ruggedness

    Itronix makes military grade hardware for heavy-duty missions and the GoBook XR-1 is no exception. This monster has up to three wireless systems including WWAN, built-in GPS, and “meets MIL STD 810F (military standard) ratings for drop/shock and vibration and the IP54 (ingress protection),” which I suspect means it’s hard to break unless the military does something with… Read More

  • Modded XBox360 in the Wild

    Modded XBox360 in the Wild

    A buddy of mine, who shall remain nameless, has apparently completed a real XBox 360 mod. He’s at work right now, so he could discuss much, but he’s jiggered the laser to read cheaper media, flashed the firmware, and can now back up – ahem – his 360 games with reckless abandon. Apparently he used information from a certain website after purchasing 30 hardware mod chips… Read More

  • OS X Leopard: Does 64-bit Like a Champ

    With all the talk of cute new Spotlight visualizations and fancy Desktop Widgets, only the Inquirer decided to hold forth on Leopard’s 64-bit systems. Vista, it seems, will support 64-bit processing only in a highly specialized versions of the OS which will emulate 32-bit processing in software. Called Window on Windows or WOW, this layer will run older XP applications but not older drivers. Read More

  • Homebrew XBox Apps: The YouTube of Games

    Homebrew XBox Apps: The YouTube of Games

    The Interweb is atwitter at Microsoft’s decision to launch a low-end version of its XNA programming framework for making XBox games. The product, called the XNA Game Studio Express, costs $99 per year and allows students and amateurs to play in the XBox sandbox and share games and code with other programmers around the world. They’re trying to compare the service to YouTube, but… Read More