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Jay Donovan
By night, Jay writes for TechCrunch and has been contributing to the blog since 2009. By day, he is Associate Director of Strategy for the digital agency Resource/Ammirati. You can reach him at jay at techcrunch dot com. CrunchBase profile →

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  • MWC 2012: Texas Instruments WiLink 8 Demo

    Texas Instruments Announces New Partnerships For OMAP 5, But Wait…There’s More

    Texas Instruments announced earlier today that they are partnering with Harman and iRobot to provide OMAP 5 as the core processor for new products being developed in these two companies. To understand what this means in TI’s greater strategy, we need to back up a bit to take a look as some other initiatives they have going on and see where they all tie together. Read More

  • MWC 2012: Hands On With The Xperia U

    TC@MWC: Hands-On With The Sony Xperia U

    Besides a fear of imminent conjunctivitis from handling the same phone as hundreds of others at the Sony Xperia Press Event at the GSMA Mobile World Congress…what else comes to mind? This phone — a model marketed mostly toward a younger segment — is, to me, reminiscent in some minuscule way of the old Sony W series phones I loved so much (way back in the day). I think… Read More

  • HTC One Lineup Revealed: The One X, One S, And One V

    HTC One Lineup Revealed: The One X, One S, And One V

    The rumors were true, everyone. After months of anticipation and speculation, the device once known as the HTC Edge (or Endeavor) has been officially revealed here at MWC as the HTC One X. The One X (called a “multimedia livewire” in the press release) has an 8-megapixel camera, 4.7-inc LCD display, and 1080p video recorder. The new One X runs Android with the HTC Sense 4 UI overlay. Read More

  • TMB Metro Transit Strike Averted At Mobile World Congress

    TMB Metro Transit Strike Averted At Mobile World Congress

    We’re on the ground here in Barcelona for the 2012 GSMA Mobile World Congress and are happy to report that, according to the GSMA press release, the planned strike by Metro subway workers has been staved off. An agreement has been reached. The Bus workers, however, are apparently still negotiating. Read More

  • Mint.com Launches Android Tablet App

    Mint.com Launches Android Tablet App

    Mint.com, the financial service we first mentioned at TechCrunch40 in 2007 (wow, that seems like a long time ago), announced that they have launched a new native app specifically for 9 and 10 inch Android tablets running Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich. This new app, available in the Android Market, will join the previously available versions for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile phones. Read More

  • Flying People Spotted Over New York City…Film At Nine

    Flying People Spotted Over New York City…Film At Nine

    In a recent publicity venture for their new movie “Chronicle”, 20th Century Fox enlisted the help of viral marketing agency Thinkmodo to design and execute a rather unique campaign element that surely caused several doubletakes over the New York City skyline. If you thought you saw some flying humans in the sky over parts of New York City and New Jersey in the last couple of weeks… Read More

  • ZOOM’s B3 Bass Effects Pedal Launches At NAMM

    ZOOM’s B3 Bass Effects Pedal Launches At NAMM

    In a lot of the Paneldome demos I have done, I (flailingly) play guitar, but I am actually a bass player. That’s why I am excited to hear about the Zoom B3 Effect Pedal/Amp Simulator released today at NAMM. The promise of “a stompbox pedalboard with the power of a multi-effects pedal and USB audio interface” for bass guitar is tempting. This all-in-one design would definitely… Read More

  • The iRig PRE: A New Microphone Interface For iOS Devices

    The iRig PRE: A New Microphone Interface For iOS Devices

    Jeez, CES is barely over and already NAMM is upon us. Unfortunately, this blogger is not in Anaheim for that event, but to be honest, I am still reeling from the few days I spent at CES with Team TechCrunch. Instead, I’ll happily watch the music industry event from a safe distance this year. I did however spy the iRig PRE while I was at CES but it was not yet ready for prime time. It… Read More

  • ION Audio’s iPad Guitar Concept In Legal Trouble

    ION Audio’s iPad Guitar Concept In Legal Trouble

    Wow. Talk about not doing your homework. ION Audio has apparently infringed on the patents, trademarks and designs of three companies by debuting a new iOS peripheral at CES. The Guitar Apprentice (which is honestly a pretty cool idea) appears to use concepts that Behringer sent to the US Patent and Trademark office over a year and a half ago. But it’s not just the product… Read More

  • Rockers <i>One Like Son</i> Record Full Album Using Only iPhones

    Rockers One Like Son Record Full Album Using Only iPhones

    In August, I remember seeing YouTube links for the band One Like Son, who recorded an entire song using only their iPhones and a few iPhone peripherals (in addition to their instruments and drum programs). Today, I received a press release indicating that the band have finished recording an entire 10 song album using the same setup. Intrigued, I contacted Stephen Poff, the mastermind behind… Read More

  • Lost And Found in the Paneldome: The iRiffPort

    Lost And Found In The Paneldome: The iRiffPort

    We get mailed a lot of stuff at TechCrunch and sometimes a good item will slip through the cracks. This iRiffPort has been sitting in my pile of gear since it came out in October. I wrote a review. Shot some photos. It was all ready to roll and then somehow it got misplaced and I forgot about it completely. Too bad, because it is a good cable. This week, I received a postcard from Kevin… Read More

  • Smart TVs: How Do They Work?

    Smart TVs: How Do They Work?

    Smart TVs were everywhere at CES. I must have seen two hundred of them while I was there. I could report on specs, resolution or 3D screens, but really, I am more curious about that word “smart” than I am about the raw specs. Is it merely the sum of new features that defines what a Smart TV is or should be? Just what exactly is it that makes a Smart TV, well…smart? It… Read More

  • Vuzix: SMART Glasses Explained

    Vuzix: SMART Glasses Explained

    The story about Vuzix’s new AR/holographic enabled concept glasses broke last week, but I had a chance to catch up with Clark Dever from Vuzix (with my rogue TechCrunch ghetto cam) for a brief video explanation and demo of the technology. The short of it is that it involves some highfalutin’ technolgy to get the displays to accurately display into the lens material. Their displays… Read More

  • IK Multimedia Adds MIC Cast, STOMP and MIX to their iRig Line

    IK Multimedia Adds MIC Cast, STOMP and MIX to their iRig Line

    IK Multimedia unleashes a plethora of new hardware this week at CES 2012 within their iRig line. This triumvirate of products look to make it easier than ever to use iOS devices, live and inline, with analog musical instruments like guitars, bases, vocals and regular DJ consoles. Read More

  • U.S. Teens Triple Data Usage

    U.S. Teens Triple Data Usage

    Nielsen is reporting today that teens have more than tripled mobile data consumption and also continue to hold top spot as the most engaged mobile messaging segment. The report states that “In the third quarter of 2011, teens age 13-17 used an average of 320 MB of data per month on their phones, increasing 256 percent over last year and growing at a rate faster than any other age… Read More

  • Cost Of U.S. Consumer Electronics Returns Estimated To Reach $16.7 Billion In 2011

    Cost Of U.S. Consumer Electronics Returns Estimated To Reach $16.7 Billion In 2011

    While consumer electronics (CE) merchandise returns are often an overlooked scenario for consumers they are undoubtedly top of mind for manufacturers and retailers because of their billion dollar price tag. “Put another way, manufacturers spend about 5 percent to 6 percent of revenues to manage all aspects of a customer return. For retailers, returns represent approximately 2 percent to… Read More

  • Junaio And Kreativagentur Thomas Launch AR Scavenger Hunt – Win An iPad

    Junaio And Kreativagentur Thomas Launch AR Scavenger Hunt – Win An iPad

    Another example of creative use of Augmented Reality rears its head in the form of an online scavenger hunt with a chance to win an iPad 2. The team at Metaio who created the Junaio Augmented Reality browser and German creative shop Kreativagentur Thomas have partnered to create a scavenger hunt where you can use Junaio to scan special images hidden around the web to unlock AR content and… Read More

  • Metaio Virtual Object Occlusion

    Metaio Adds Gravity To Their Augmented Reality Platform

    German augmented reality firm Metaio showcased some updates to their core technologies today at this year’s ISMAR conference in Basel, Switzerland. The company is documenting this update with out-takes from some highly technical white papers and also, thankfully, with a few video demonstrations (for the algorithm-ly challenged out there – like me). The basic gist of this update… Read More

  • Post MWC: Total Immersion's Augmented Reality Sunglasses Demo

    Total Immersion Launches D’Fusion Augmented Reality SDK Update And A New iOS Game (Video)

    Augmented Reality company Total Immersion released a free, Augmented Reality SDK today called D’Fusion. The updated kit is specially designed for multi-platform developers of games, apps and marketing solutions. To mark the occasion (and demonstrate the tech) Total Immersion are also launching a free iOS game in the app store called Skinvaders. The game, which takes advantage of… Read More

  • Vuzix STAR 1200 See Through Augmented Reality Display

    Head Mounted Displays, DIY Augmented Reality And More At InsideAR

    I was able to attend Metaio’s InsideAR 2011 conference last week in Munich and check out many new and updated Augmented Reality concepts at the event. Several concepts I saw at the trade show portion resonated with where consumer AR is headed and some were merely for entertainment. But pretty much everything I saw tried, in some way, to push the envelope of technical possibility. I saw… Read More