Jay Donovan

Jay Donovan

By night, Jay writes for TechCrunch and has been contributing to the blog since 2009. By day, he is Associate Director of Strategy for the digital agency Resource/Ammirati.

You can reach him at jay at techcrunch dot com.

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  • iCitizen Symposium 2010: The Real-Time Web

    I’ve been at the iCitizen Symposium 2010, here in beautiful Columbus OH, since bright and early this morning. I have been talking to people and scanning QR codes (I’ll come back to that). The main theme of this event surrounds the “real-time web” and the speed with which its underbelly is changing the way people behave—socially, mobile-ly and behaviorally. These… Read More

  • iTiki iPhone Case…Um, something is wrong with me, because I kinda want one?

    Anytime the press release for a new product says something like this, I’m bound to pay attention: iTiki™ is a South Pacific deity from the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii, who protects iPhones from enemies. iTiki is more than just the original tiki-based iPhone case. It’s the silicone incarnation of the same spirit who, according to legend, created the first woman. When he got… Read More

  • Q&A with Gowalla Co-founder/CEO Josh Williams – Pt 2

    Part two of my SXSWi 2010 conversation with Josh Williams, CEO and co-founder of Gowalla. The intent of this second round of questions was to delve a bit deeper into the company’s  monetization strategy as well as their strategy for competing with Facebook as they will undoubtedly enter the location space soon enough. Read More

  • Mojito Stand-Alone Social Aggregator

    I’m not sure if this is a must-have item for everyone, but I have to admit there is something interesting about Blue Lounge’s new device called the Mojito. Spied on the trade show floor at SXSW Interactive 2010, it is part of my post trip download. Certainly, the goal of the Mojito is to free you from the bondage of countless, annoying alerts cycling on your computer as each… Read More

  • SXSWi 2010: Q&A with Loopt Co-Founder/CEO Sam Altman – Pt 1

    The last of the four location based social networks I had a chance speak with at SXSW Interactive 2010 was actually one of the early services into the space. You may remember seeing Loopt on one of the many iPhone television commercials to dominate the airwaves in the last year or so. Loopt’s original broadcast model was a bit different than the more pervasive check in model we… Read More

  • SXSWi 2010: Q&A with Foursquare Co-Founder Naveen Selvadurai

    The Q&A format surrounding mobile, location based social networking continues here at SXSW Interactive 2010. Catching up with Naveen Selvadurai, co-founder of Foursquare,  shed some light on their differentiators and general projections about the future of that channel. Read More

  • SXSWi 2010: Stickybits. Real world bookmarking.

    It’s funny how and where you will see an innovation. While attending a super-fun event hosted by The Barbarian Group here at SXSW, I ran into a guy named Matt Paul who is the lead developer of an app/service called Stickybits. TechCrunch covered this story back in March, but it was interesting to hear the description of the service first hand from someone behind the scenes. It was also… Read More

  • SXSWi 2010: Brightkite's Brady Becker and Martin May Demo Multi Check-in App

    My dialogue with those at the forefront of mobile, location based social networking continues here at SXSW Interactive 2010. Brightkite founders Brady Becker and Martin May were kind enough to take a moment and talk with me about some current and unreleased features of their service/software called Brightkite. They also showed me an unreleased demo of their new multi check-in web app. Stay… Read More

  • SXSWi 2010: Q&A with Gowalla Co-founder/CEO Josh Williams – Pt 1

    In an effort to sort out the state of the “Location War” going on here at SXSW Interactive 2010, I have been lucky enough to chat with several people behind the scenes of these mobile location based services. It’s funny to me calling the competition a “War” as everyone with whom I have spoken seems incredibly mellow and down-to-earth but there is a potential… Read More

  • The Search for Meaning (at SXSWi 2010)

    While standing in line for an hour to get my badge and materials at this year’s SXSW Interactive Conference, I had time to ponder my first trip to Austin for the event. Initially, my plans for attending centered around hunting down and harassing SEO spammers but a little extra time to reflect reminded me of the insensitivity and meaninglessness of such actions. Besides, that time could… Read More

  • Review: POD X3 Digital Guitar Amp Modeler

    As immature as it sounds, I was originally suspect of Line 6 products because I did not like the name of their Variax guitar line. (Whew, glad that’s off my chest). But while working on an audio project a while back, I picked up a Line 6 TonePort UX2 amp simulator/tone modeler in order to record some guitar parts. I bought the TonePort because it was cheaper than its competition and… Read More

  • Interview: A conversation with Larry Halff about the relaunch of Ma.gnolia

    Many of you may remember Ma.gnolia—the nifty social bookmarking tool that unfortunately imploded at the beginning of this year. Founded by Larry Halff almost 4 years ago, the site had a different aesthetic and attitude toward sharing information. It was one of the more community-minded tools I remember from that era, offering features like the ability to “thank” the sharer of… Read More

  • JAGTAG brings 2D barcode reading to Twitter

    JAGTAG announces today that they are now able to utilize Twitter’s network to decode their proprietary 2D barcodes and then easily broadcast the resulting links and media via Twitter’s re-tweet function. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has hooked up with the company to promote their new Blu-ray/DVD launch of X-Men Origins: Wolverine via this method. It’s an… Read More

  • Some new consumer-friendly products from Avid coming mid-September

    Avid, makers of a wide range of digital video/audio software and hardware have a couple of new product updates coming your way mid-September. The first to note is an updated version of their consumer-friendly family of products know as Pinnacle Studio. The new Pinnacle Studio meets the needs of a wide range of consumers, from novices to video enthusiasts and semi-professionals. The family… Read More

  • Toobla: Collect and share your favorite stuff from the web. 1000 Beta accounts available.

    Toobla. Say it five times fast. Tooblatooblatooblatooblatoobla. There, that was easy wasn’t it. No? It wasn’t easy, you say? Well, repeating the memorable name is the hardest part about using this nifty new visual bookmarking/content sharing web site whose public beta comes to you September 14, straight outta my home town in the heart of “Sili-Corn… Read More

  • Gaming on the Throne: Review of Ten Pin Championship Bowling for iPhone

    Of course, nothing can really ever compare to the two bowling extravaganzas forever etched into my memory. These would be Shawnee Lanes and the inconceivably named Mr. Bill’s Bowling Center. Edificial landmarks that stain the Midwestern memory of my youth. I was no bowling champion. I was no bowler at all really. In fact, I don’t even like bowling. So when I was asked to review… Read More

  • Gaming on the Throne: Review of Squash the Street for iPhone

    Squash The Street by Last Legion Games, is the latest iPhone/iPod Touch game to be chronicled in my “Gaming on the Throne” series at CrunchGear (see explanation). Initially when I played STS I was a little underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, the execution was solid, but it seemed kind of repetitive to me. Then something happened that changed my mind and ultimately led to me… Read More

  • iFM Radio Browser from Griffin Technology

    Griffin Technology released a new iPhone app today called iFM Radio Browser that works like a search engine for radio stations. The essence of the app is that you can search for local radio stations (with the help of the iPhone’s built in GPS capability) and view what is currently spinning on any of the stations it finds in your area. This is a new paradigm in station-flipping for sure. Read More

  • Review: ColorSnap for iPhone by Sherwin-Williams

    So I’m going through my twitter stream a while back and I see several links from some former colleagues of mine, pointing to a new iPhone app called ColorSnap, by Sherwin-Williams. So what right? There are a million (ok, fifty thousand) iPhone apps out there—what’s so interesting about this one? Well, two things. One, it was developed by my former employer, Resource… Read More

  • Interview: 20+ questions for JAGTAG's Dudley Fitzpatrick

    I recently had the opportunity to have a phone conversation and Q&A session with JAGTAG Founder and CEO Dudley Fitzpatrick. JAGTAG, for the unfamiliar, is a company that specializes in the creation of proprietary two dimensional bar codes, or JAGTAGs as they are called. These special “tags” are encoded with a variety of information—everything from URLs, to coupons to… Read More