Greg Kumparak

Greg Kumparak

Greg Kumparak is the Mobile Editor at Techcrunch. Greg has been writing for the TechCrunch network since May of 2008.

Greg was born just outside of San Jose, and now lives in the East Bay of California.

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  • Apple kills the MobileMe status blog, starts up MobileMe News

    We mentioned last week that the MobileMe blog had been awfully silent lately, which lead us to wonder if it had been nixed. Sure enough, ol’ David G. updated the blog one final time to let everyone know that, after just three posts, they’d be flipping the switch. They’re not killing communications all together, however – they’re just making the jump from bloggers… Read More

  • goes native on the BlackBerry

    Addicted to the Wall Street Journal, but the BlackBerry browser just isn’t doing it for you? They hear you. To help satiate your needs, WSJ has just released a native BlackBerry application purposed for perusing their offerings. The Features: Tabbed design, stories seperated by category Customizable category listings Stock quote tracking through “My Stocks” RSS feeds… Read More

  • Palringo brings free Push-to-Talk to the iPhone

    Palringo, a free multi-protocol (MSN, Yahoo IM, AIM, Google Talk, Gadu Gadu, and Jabber) IM application not unlike Pidgin on Windows or Adium on OS X, has added a Push-to-Talk solution to their iPhone client. It’s pretty simple, as Push-to-Talk should be – select the contact, record the message, and it’s on its way. If the recipient is also on Palringo, the message can be… Read More

  • Zazzle pushes out custom kicks

    I come here today to present to you the fruition of years of labor. Between research, design, eating snacks, and playing video games, countless man hours were spent on what I am about to unveil. It is with much pride that I present to you: The P. Has. Okay. So it wasn’t really countless man hours. It was more like 15 man minutes. I just grabbed a picture of Peter Ha and stuck it… Read More

  • iPhone software updated to version 2.0.2

    Hurray! It’s bug fix Easter egg time! Apple has pushed a minor software update (2.0.2) to the iPhone, citing only “bug fixes” in the release notes. If you’ve got an inquisitive itch, go pop open iTunes and get’cho update on. Let us know if you spot anything. Personally, I’ll be waiting until word comes ’round that jailbreaking is working unless Apple… Read More

  • Android SDK v.9 Image Gallery

    Wanna see Android v.9 in all of its not-quite-final glory, but don’t feel like downloading the big ol’ SDK? Check out our screen shot gallery after the jump. Read More

  • Android SDK v.9 released, along with '08 Developer Roadmap

    We’ve got good news, and we’ve got bad news. The good news: After a five month stretch without a publicly available update to the Android SDK, Google has finally pushed a new release. They’ve also released a Developer Roadmap for the rest of ’08 which, amongst other things, re-re-re-confirms that device(s?) are on the way for Q4 ’08. The bad news: Android 1.0 will… Read More

  • HTC Dream clears the FCC

    When a new HTC product going by “DREA1000″ hits the FCC, there really isn’t much question what it may be. Of course, the product description goes on to outright call it “Dream”, but hey – it’s more fun to pretend that this took some hardcore sleuthing. Now that this much talked about first-ever Android handset has made its way through the FCC’s… Read More

  • Skyfire gets Silverlight support

    If you’re one of the small pack of people that found their way into the Skyfire browser beta, pop open your copy – they’ve just added support for Microsoft’s response to Flash, Silverlight. Only a handful of sites are making use of Silverlight at the moment, but more support should be on the way. Netflix has demoed Silverlight versions of their “Watch… Read More

  • This Week on MobileCrunch

    Lots can happen in a week. Sometimes it gets tough to keep up. Have a busy week, and feeling left behind? Here are some of the biggest MobileCrunch stories from the week of 8/10/2008 – 8/16/08: Pwnage 2.0.2 now available Steve Jobs talks App Store: 60 million downloads, $30 million in the first month Latest Android rumor: presale beginning Sept 17 Sprint’s roadmap for the next… Read More

  • Treo Pro live shots, details continue to leak

    Just a few days ago, no one really knew anything about the Treo Pro. Hell, it wasn’t even called the Treo Pro before Friday. Just two days later, we know just about all there is to know about Palm’s pretty little unreleased WinMo handset. The purported specs thus far: Qualcomm 7201 chipset 400Mhz CPU 320×320 screen GPS Tri-band 3G, Quad-band GSM 32GB MicroSDHC support… Read More

  • My day with Bigfoot

    The alarm goes off, and my daily routine begins. Out of bed, into the shower, wash, brush, dress. From there, it’s straight into the Crunchgear writer chatroom. Greg K. has entered the room
    Greg K. Good morning, party people.
    Doug A. happy Bigfoot day, Greg Crap. Today was the day of Bigfoot press conference. I wanted to use Qik to share the conference with the world, but I still… Read More

  • Palm accidentally leaks shots of the Treo 850, now Treo Pro

    Every once in a while, someone at a handset company uploads somethings that just aren’t meant to be seen by the public yet. Sometimes, if we get reaaaaally lucky, someone else stumbles across these before they get taken down. Such is the case with the Treo Pro, previously seen in a leaked live image as the Treo 850. Forum member “Scottymomo” from WMExperts [Via… Read More

  • Palm accidentally leaks shots of the Treo 850, now Treo Pro

    Every once in a while, someone at a handset company uploads somethings that just aren’t meant to be seen by the public yet. Sometimes, if we get reaaaaally lucky, someone else stumbles across these before they get taken down. Such is the case with the Treo Pro, previously seen in a leaked live image as the Treo 850. Forum member “Scottymomo” from WMExperts [Via… Read More

  • Nokia requiring their suppliers to be AMOLED-ready?

    Citing oh-so-ambiguous industry sources, Digitimes is reporting that Nokia may be requiring its display suppliers to be capable of pushing out AMOLED panels. According to their source, the move is as much of a test of their suppliers R&D departments as it is preparation for the future. What is AMOLED, you ask? Check out the labcoat-filled video after the jump. Read More

  • Motorola ZN200 goes global

    After a month long exclusive premier in Brazil, the MOTO ZN200 has made its way to Motorola’s global site. Know what that means? Motorola will be releasing the ZN200 …somewhere else! Hurray! We’ll have to wait to see exactly where it pops up, but it oughtta hit someone’s shelves in the next month and a half or so. It’s like an easter egg hunt, where first person… Read More

  • The Samsung Eco E200 – it's (kinda) made of corn!

    Fine – it’s made of bioplastic, which is derived from corn. Same thing, right? Plus, it’s better than the other title I was considering: “The Samsung Eco E200 – it’s corny!” While the definition of bioplastic varies widely depending on who you’re talking to, the important part is that it’s a material made (at least partially) of some sort… Read More

  • Snap2Face Facebook client released for Windows Mobile

    When Snap2Face first poked its head into the Facebook game, its only purpose was to allow Facebook users to upload photos to their account. Then came Macrospecs’ FriendMobilizer, which offered the remaining chunk of the Facebook experience: notifications, status messages, wall and inbox messaging – but no photo uploads. Not to be outdone, Snap2Face has gone and more or less… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile/Helio merger starts wrapping up

    As part of the $39 million dollar merger agreement between Virgin Mobile USA and Helio back in June, Helio is contractually obligated to cut down their costs by around 70 percent. According to Virgin Mobile USA’s CEO, Dan Schulman, such reductions are already well underway. During last night’s VMUSA Q2 2008 earnings conference call, he announced that over two-thirds of the staff… Read More

  • Orkut for S60 gets an upgrade. Also, Orkut still exists.

    I’ll admit it: I have a harder time remembering Orkut exists than I do remembering where I put my keys. Hell, I’ll probably forget about Orkut again as soon as I publish this post. That said, the fact that Google’s still fueling the project means some folks out there really love it; according to my indisputable Fact Checker 4000, most of these folks hail from Brazil or… Read More