Greg Kumparak

Greg Kumparak

Greg Kumparak is the Mobile Editor at Techcrunch. Greg has been writing for the TechCrunch network since May of 2008.

Greg was born just outside of San Jose, and now lives in the East Bay of California.

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  • Chex Quest artist goes back and finishes abandoned Chex Quest 3 beta

    Oh, maaaan! Chex Quest. The game that introduced the FPS genre to an entire generation of children who’s parents wouldn’t let them play Doom. It’s one of the only games that managed to be nearly entirely driven by product placement (of cereal, no less) while somehow not sucking. At some point, the creators of Chex Quest 1 and 2 began work on a third installment. Somewhere… Read More

  • CTIA 08: The Round-up so far

    Been too busy to keep up with our CTIA 08 coverage over at MobileCrunch? Don’t worry – we feel your pain. Here’s a quick and easy run-down of what’s happening out here in the land of Saint Francis: Hands on galleries of Velocity Mobile’s new handsets (103, 83, 301) Putting Slacker to work Hands on with RIM’s BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Sprint HTC Touch… Read More

  • Hands on galleries of Velocity Mobile's new handsets (103, 83, 301)

    Velocity Mobile brought a trio of shiny new handsets to CTIA today, and we got to spend just a bit of time with all three: the 103, 83, and 301. In the flurry of crazy that is CTIA scheduling, I wasn’t able to spend enough time with’em to write a full hands on for each. Velocity hooked us up with a 103 to review, so we’ll have more to say about that one in just a few days. Read More

  • Google Mobile App now for BlackBerry

    Same delicious Google application flavor, with just a little bit less BlackBerry browser. Not unlike the iPhone application, Google Mobile for Blackberry is primarily a way of launching a search without having to deal with the initial page loads.

    What it does: Fast Google search – enter queries without waiting for a browser to load Search history – easily access and amend… Read More

  • GeoGraffiti rolls out of beta, onto iPhone

    Oh, the memories that come rushing back at the mention of GeoGraffiti, the second thing I ever wrote about after joining up as MobileCrunch’s editor. To quote myself for the sake of wallowing in the rays of nostalgia: “Now in public beta, GeoGraffiti is a free “Verbal Bulletin Board” that allows you to record and share location-specific voice notes, or ‘Voice… Read More

  • Hands on with RIM's BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

    RIM today used CTIA to launch their first BlackBerry flip phone, the Pearl Flip 8220 (formerly known as the KickStart), bringing it to the floor for the world to see. Just like the original Pearl, the Pearl Flip uses the two-letters-per-key SureType QWERTY setup. Combined with predictive typing, I was able to two-thumb type at a speed just a tad bit slower than I would on a standard… Read More

  • Sprint HTC Touch Diamond deboxed and hands-on'd

    We just put our hands all over Sprint’s recently announced version of the HTC Touch Diamond, and documented the process for all to see. As is becoming common for HTC lately, the Sprint version of the Touch Diamond is quite a stunner. Oddly, they’ve dropped the jagged design on the rear of the phone, something the standard Touch Diamond is known for. In its place is a slab of soft… Read More

  • We're at CTIA 08!

    After a few days at TC50, the MobileCrunch team is live on the floor at CTIA in San Francisco. BlackBerry’s here with the 8220 (KickStart), Sprint is launchin’ a beautiful pair from the HTC Touch series; we’ll have pics and hands-ons of everything as the day progresses Read More

  • TC50: Mytopia Wants To Help The World Play Together

    Today at TechCrunch 50, Mytopia debuted their cross-platform development framework RUGS. The idea is simple: code once, and an application is automatically translated for compatibility on a range of mobile and Web platforms. RUGS applications are running natively on each platform, with porting solutions for Flash and every major mobile operating system. They demonstrated support for… Read More

  • App store passes 100,000,000 downloads

    Today is a crazy, crazy day in San Francisco. I’m at day 2 of TechCrunch 50, but John Biggs made his way over to Yerba Buena to live blog Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event. Not a whole lot on the mobile front out of the event just yet, but Steve Jobs did mention that the iPhone/iPod Touch App store has now surpassed the 100 million download mark, demolishing the 60… Read More

  • Apple releasing 120GB iPod Classic tomorrow?

    With Apple’s September iPod event tomorrow, this one’s cutting it close. Straight off the tip lines is a rear shot of a 120 GB iPod classic. The good news? The source is trusted. The bad news? We can’t show you the rest of the shot for the sake of watchin’ their back. We’re not tryin’ to be jerks here; quite the opposite. Take it with a grain of salt… Read More

  • AT&T refreshes their deck with Yahoo! oneSearch

    Giving in to the fact that every WAP deck any carrier has ever made in house is just about useless, AT&T has refreshed their deck with Yahoo’s oneSearch at its core. Search for a movie, it gives you local show times. Search for a sports team, it looks for current games and reports scores. Tell oneSearch you’re having a bad day, and oneSearch will tell you that you’re… Read More

  • Today on MobileCrunch

    Not reading MobileCrunch yet? Why the heck not? While a MobileCrunch post or two make the jump over to CrunchGear each day, there’s a ton of good stuff each day that you’ll only see on that side of the fence. Here’s some stuff you may have missed on MobileCrunch today: N96 and N78 get Fring support Nokia falls short of their own predictions for Q3 Tatango Opens Their Group… Read More

  • Congrats to our CrunchGear Podcast giveaway winner

    Congratulations to Sean R. for winning a copy of The Guild Season 1 (signed by cast members Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh) during today’s CrunchGear Live podcast. Sean was selected at random from the pool of folks who sent in the secret passphrase we announced during the show. There’s a good chance we’ll be giving away all kinds of goods in future podcasts, so tune in each week! Read More

  • N96 and N78 get Fring support

    Bummed out because the N78 doesn’t offer VoIP compatability right out of the box? Fear not – Fring has got you covered. Apparently using their own VoIP client rather than the Nokia-made client (which Nokia decided not to build into the latest N-series devices) required by other services, Fring has added support for both the N78 and the N96. If you’ve got an N78 or by some sort… Read More

  • Nokia falls short of their own predictions for Q3

    Anybody hedging bets on Nokia’s Q3 market share results at the local mobile market gambling hall based off of the company’s previous predictions might want to see if they can weasel their way out. Where as Nokia previously predicted that their third quarter sales would be right on par with those of the second, they’re now warning folks that it may come in a bit lower than… Read More

  • T-Mobile launches the Sony Ericsson TM506

    Oh, hey! It’s the SE TM506, that pretty little green 3G flip we mentioned a few weeks back. Last anybody knew, it was set to launch sometime in early September – turns out, that meant today. You can nab T-mobile’s first HSDPA handset at any of the normal T-Mo outlets for a cent short of $80 after a 2-year blood pact and a $50 dollar rebate. If you’re itchin’… Read More

  • T-Mobile launches the Sony Ericsson TM506

    Oh, hey! It’s the SE TM506, that pretty little green 3G flip we mentioned a few weeks back. Last anybody knew, it was set to launch sometime in early September – turns out, that meant today. You can nab T-mobile’s first HSDPA handset at any of the normal T-Mo outlets for a cent short of $80 after a 2-year blood pact and a $50 dollar rebate. If you’re itchin’… Read More

  • Tatango Opens Their Group SMS Service To The Public

    Tatango, the ad-supported group SMS service previously known as networkText, spent the last few months in a private beta following a functional and visual overhaul and a round of funding by Bellingham Angel Organization. Now everyone is free to get in on the group texting good times; they’ve opened the doors to the public. The service is dead simple to use, as it should be. I made the… Read More

  • CrunchGear Giveaway: Signed copy of The Guild Season 1 DVD

    If you’re not watching The Guild yet, you’re missing out. Get on over to the official site and get caught up — or better yet, tune into the CrunchGear Live podcast. The show is over for this week, but you’ve still got 2 hours to scrub through the recording and get in on the good times. We’ll be giving away a copy of the first season of The Guild signed by Felicia… Read More