Gang Lu

Gang Lu

Gang Lu is the founder of TechNode, a popular tech news blog in China.

He is a serious technologist with a Ph.D. in wireless networks, a media pioneer and a respected voice in the China startup scene.

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  • Discover “The Red Web” At TechCrunch Shanghai, November 19-20

    Discover “The Red Web” At TechCrunch Shanghai, November 19-20

    In August, TechCrunch launched a landmark Chinese edition in partnership with super awesome Chinese blog TechNode. Now we are coming together again, and bringing in some of the leading entrepreneurs, investors and others in the region, for our first joint event in Shanghai on November 19-20. We’re calling the event “The Red Web.” Read More

  • 16 Chinese Startups Came Out With A Bang At The ChinaBang Conference

    16 Chinese Startups Came Out With A Bang At The ChinaBang Conference

    ChinaBang conference, an annual two-day event with a focus on local startups, innovation and entrepreneurship, was held last weekend in Beijing. With a mixture of keynote and panel discussions from local startup founders and entrepreneurs, the awards ceremony recognized the best Chinese startups and founders in 2011 and featured a startup launchpad contest. Organized by TechNode… Read More

  • Tencent CTO: Facebook Took a Page From Our Biz Model

    Tencent CTO: Facebook Took a Page From Our Biz Model

    As Facebook’s imminent IPO became the talk of Silicon Valley and Wall Street, you might have read from the social networking site’s SEC S-1 filing that it pulled in more than $1 billion in profit on revenue of $3.71 billion last year. What Facebook’s prospectus will not tell you, is that the social giant has taken a page from Tencent’s business model, at least according… Read More

  • Vida Introduces Live Filters, And A Fun Way To Compose Your Life Stories

    Vida Introduces Live Filters, And A Fun Way To Compose Your Life Stories

    The photo sharing app market is a very competitive battlefield: Instagram, Path, Color and so on. In China, the market is even more tough, several photo and video applications like Camera360, LemeLeme, Tuding etc¬†already claim millions of users. Vida, an iPhone and Android application developed by a Shanghai-based startup, introduces a new and fun way to organize and share the moments of… Read More

  • HuoHua at Disrupt Beijing 2011

    Huohua: Find Your Social Circle Instantly With Semantic Analysis

    China-based Huohua (it translates to Spark) uses semantic analysis to find your social circle instantly. Founded by Carl Wu, Huohua is trying to solve a problem of “where and with whom to have fun” by introducing a smart feature dubbed Instant Circle. Basically, it works like this: open the app to tap a keyword like ”basketball”, “hot pot” or… Read More

  • Chaopin at TC Disrupt Beijing 2011

    Stepcase Presents Chaopin, A Photo Viewer And Fashion Tracker

    Stepcase, the Hong Kong based-startup behind the 7.5 million-strong photo community, is launching a photo viewer tailored for Sina Weibo to provide users with consistent, intuitive and light-weight photo-viewing experience. According to Leon, founder of Stepcase, the idea of creating Chaopin stems from an experimental concept to create, design and develop an app in just two weeks to… Read More

  • Yuwan at TC Disrupt Beijing 2011

    Yuwan Lets You Check into Your Favorite TV Program with Friends

    Getting folks to check into apps is hard. But what would happen if we could automatically check into events – like TV shows – automatically? Today at TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing, a Chinese team is trying to take the check-in business into a whole new level. Read More

  • Anquanbao at TC Disrupt Beijing 2011

    Anquanbao Makes the Internet Safer, Faster and More Intelligent

    Anquanbao is a cloud-based software program that helps protect websites from security violations like malware and denial of service attacks. Its product can be easily installed on any website. All that the administrators need to do is change his or her domain settings. Since abusive bots and crawlers waste bandwidth and server resources, Anquanbao’s product also helps websites load faster. Read More

  • Qiuqiusou at TC Disrupt Beijing 2011

    Qiuqiu, The Location-based Discovery Engine For Android Applications

    Google’s official Android Market is not available in China, leading to a plethora of independent markets – over 70 at last count. The system works – sort of – but users may find it annoying because you actually don’t know how to find the good stuff. China is still lacking any sort of innovative search mechanism to help people identify the apps they really need… Read More