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Felicia Williams joined TechCrunch as the Producer and guest booker for TechCrunch TV. Felicia is best known for selecting the featured videos on YouTube homepage when the site was editorially-focused. She also managed YouTube’s television, gaming, and episodic content. After YouTube, Felicia supervised leading talent at Next New Networks and Revision3. She advised online producers on how to communicate directly with audiences, integrate sponsorships, build viewership, and make high-quality digital programming. As a side project, she co-founded and regularly contributes to the website Here’s Some Awesome, which highlights one notable video each day.

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  • SPiN ping pong club premieres its San Francisco location

    It’s no secret that San Francisco tech loves ping pong. Table tennis has become a must-have for programmers stepping away from their computers to blow off steam. Indeed, it’s most startups first luxury purchase. According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, a dip in table tennis sales is also an indicator of when cash flow is low. It’s an interesting move for SPiN… Read More

  • Game Review: Chameleon Run

    Chameleon Run launched a little over a week ago and has been heavily promoted by Apple. Admittedly, I love this game and I am not the only one. Chameleon Run is an auto-runner where you fly through the air bouncing off platforms, see-saws and slides to make your way to the end of each level. It costs roughly $2 on both iOS and Android and there is no free version. Yet, it’s on the paid… Read More

  • Experience Here, the augmented audio device from Doppler Labs

    Doppler Labs’s augmented audio device, Here, seems to be all the rage in music hardware these days. Doppler recently won a SXSW Innovation Award and will begin a partnership with Coachella starting next week. Each Coachella attendee received a code with their tickets to claim their free Here Active Listening devices to wear at the week-long music festival. Read More

  • First look at the new smaller iPad Pro

    Today was a pretty small news day for Apple. In part, because the announcements were largely iterations on existing products. But, also because the rumors about Apple’s hardware getting smaller were indeed true. The most notable downsided-device was the iPhone SE but for designers, artist, or just fans of the Apple Pencil, the new smaller iPad Pro was a happy addition to the Apple family. Read More

  • Color Switch Falls To The No. 2 Games Slot (But Is Still As Addictive As Ever)

    Did you hear about that crazy-popular game that sat in the No. 1 Games spot on iTunes for more than a month and a half? I’ll give you a hint, it has color in the title. Color Switch is a tap-based obstacle game that adds an additional level of difficulty because you are constantly changing colors. The game offers eight modes, including the recent release of gravity and split. And if you… Read More

  • Behind Abbey Road Studios’ New Incubator For Music Tech

    The past decade has rendered the music industry unrecognizable. Digital music is king and songs are purchased (and created) in the cloud. Faster computer processing and affordable hardware allow professional recording tools to be available to all. Artificial intelligence has produced albums, scored films, and generated mood music in games. So where does a historic recording studio like Abbey… Read More

  • Din Delivers Thanksgiving To Your Door

    Next week we kick off the holiday season with Thanksgiving, which is the perfect excuse to gather and nosh with family or friends. But it can be time-consuming and anxiety-inducing for those doing the cooking. If you don’t have a ton of time or are just feeling a bit intimidated by it all, Din might have just the solution for you — as long as you live in Los Angeles or San Francisco. Read More

  • First Impressions Of YouTube’s New Music App

    Today YouTube launched an official music app. With YouTube Music, you’ll get a new experience, designed to make discovering music on YouTube easier. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise, considering the popularity of music videos on the site, which boasts access to a potential audience of over 1 billion people around the globe. Read More

  • TechCrunch TV’s New Series Interviews Startups in a Race Car

    TechCrunch TV’s New Series Interviews Startups in a Race Car

    Meeting with VCs can be stressful and we took that to the extreme with our new show. One Lap with Rob Coneybeer takes willing entrepreneurs onto the racetrack and out of their comfort zones. Read More

  • Buying An Engagement Ring Online Spoiled The Surprise

    Buying An Engagement Ring Online Spoiled The Surprise

    Buying an engagement ring online feels like a strange thing to do. It’s up there with buying a car you’ve never test driven or renting a house you’ve never seen in person. But in these technological times, instead of going from large retail chain to local jewelry store to look at sparkly rings, the engaged-to-be create Pinterest boards. Some do this voluntarily because they… Read More

  • TechCrunch TV’s Goodbye To The Blue Background

    TechCrunch TV’s Goodbye To The Blue Background

    It’s no secret that many viewers were getting tired of the blue bubble background in TechCrunch TV videos (it had a good run, but after nearly three years, we were too.) So over the Thanksgiving holiday, the TechCrunch TV team picked up some hammers, saws, and glue guns and gave our humble studio a DIY fashion makeover. Our main goal was to update our sets to be a little more clean… Read More

  • We’re Live From Pepcom’s Digital Experience At CES 2013 #CEScrunch

    We’re Live From Pepcom’s Digital Experience At CES 2013 #CEScrunch

    Tonight is the last night of teasers and private previews before the main event. Starting at 7:30p PST TechCrunch TV will be streaming live from Pepcom’s Digital Experience! at the MGM Grand hotel. Join us as we tour the exhibit hall looking for the most newsworthy gadgets, smartphones, tablets, and more. Read More