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Devin Coldewey is a Seattle-based writer and photographer. He has written for TechCrunch since 2007 and is currently a contributor at NBC News.

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  • Mobile Browser Showdown: N95's Opera vs iPhone's Safari. Winner: Opera

    There has been some dispute over the speed of the browsers on these next-gen phones. N95 users say that the 3G connection makes all the difference, iPhone users say EDGE is just fine when you’ve got a great app like Safari. As it turns out, they seem to go at about the same speed in their natural habitats, but when you throw a 3rd-party browser into the mix, it’s all over. Opera… Read More

  • Asus going green – or beige, whatever color bamboo is

    Asus is, I think, a good company – last week they revealed that they don’t care if you crack open their products, and now they’re revealing a new line of laptops in line with a more eco-friendly philosophy. They’re replacing the bulk of the case with bamboo instead of using PVC or other difficult-to-dispose-of materials. Other companies, like Dell and Apple, have pledged… Read More

  • Activision being a punk, won't let you use Guitar Hero guitars with PS3 Rock Band

    Harmonix, who makes the Rock Band guitar controller, created a compatibility patch a couple weeks ago that would allow you to use 3rd party controllers, including Guitar Hero’s guitar, on the PS3 version of their game. Unfortunately, Activision “objected” to the patch and it’s been on ice for two weeks. I’m not sure what they’re getting out of blocking… Read More

  • Devin gives the gift of guiding others' gift-giving

    some awesome stuff, of course. First of all, it’s time to lose that junky DVD player you bought at a garage sale in 2001. If you’re like me, you both A: have a ton of old videos, shows, and movies burned to DVDs, and B: don’t really feel like dropping the cash on Blu-Ray or HD-DVD right now, since all that’s available is Casino Royale and Extreme Dreidels. Good news… Read More

  • Crunchdeals: Buy one HD DVD, get one free at Amazon

    Here’s your chance to get more HD DVDs than just that sampler that came with the player. Amazon’s giving them away, at least as long as you’re buying one. There’s actually a pretty good selection – Space Cowboys and The Scooby Doo Movie don’t exactly pique my interest, but there’s a ton of other good stuff: Some fantastic westerns (Unforgiven and… Read More

  • Win a Weighted Companion Cube TONIGHT at Funde Razor

    Feeling charitable? In the Denver or New York City areas? Check out the Funde Razor, a fundraising event for Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play yearly charity. Head to the location, buy some drinks, enter a raffle, play some games, and the proceeds go to outfitting sick kids with good stuff while they’re in the hospital. You can’t help but do some good here, and when the prize… Read More

  • Sharp sues Samsung over alleged LCD infringement

    I guess it’s kind of a normal thing right now for tech companies in the far east to sue each other regularly over technicalities in order to get a leg up competition-wise. So, feeling the fever, Sharp decided to get in on the frenzy and throw down against LCD TV rival Samsung. The suits concern “brightness, response speeds and viewing angles of LCD panels,” apparently… Read More

  • Sega teaming up with NeuroSky to make mind-powered games

    In case you missed the Wired feature in October about the NeuroSky “thought control system,” it’s basically one of those cool alpha wave measuring devices you saw at the science center that shows how relaxed you are with a graph or whatnot – except now it’s hooked up to Half-Life 2 or some other modern game that might want to take advantage of it. The… Read More

  • He's got the touch! Guy in suspenders builds 10-foot transformer suit

    Sometimes it’s just great to be a nerd. I mean, it’s great for other people to use their nerditude to create something this cool. Not as agile as I remember Prime being, but maybe since he passed on the Matrix of Leadership he’s gotten a little creaky. Feature: Transformers Fan Builds 10-foot Optimus Prime Suit [TechEBlog] Read More

  • Going into the jungle with your iPhone? Ruggedize the sucker

    If you absolutely must traverse the Amazon with your iPhone, you should probably do something about keeping it, you know, dry and clean, that sort of thing. I don’t think waterproofing was on the feature list. Well, H20 Audio has the solution: this pretty cool-looking iPhone case. It’s impact and “element” resistant, though I’m not sure if that refers to weather… Read More

  • The Japanese have Android working already

    Japanese telecom WILLCO has demonstrated a simple call with Google’s handset OS Android on one of their PHS reference boards. The article’s translation is dubious, to say the least, but it seems they have things running as they’d like, and they showed the phone running Google Maps and receiving a call at the same time. Not exactly worth writing home about but at least… Read More

  • NVIDIA upgrades the budget-pro 8800GTS right after I buy one. Thanks!

    Good timing, guys. The graphics giant has changed up the architecture on its popular, high-performing, mid-range 8800GTS line. I have one and I can tell you it’s a great card (it actually does run Crysis) but I’m mad that they’ve tweaked it so soon after I laid down the cash. This is probably in response to a poor reception to its 640MB 8800GTS, which had very little… Read More

  • The Unreasonable Stance: New Laptops Are Exclusively For Suckers

    Enjoying that Macbook Pro? Having a good time with that sweet Vaio? Too bad you got screwed over – because new laptops are for suckers. I’m rocking a G3 Powerbook right now, and I probably get more done than you do. Because in the end, it’s all about the guts, and laptops have been slow since day one. Can you think of anything your laptop does right now that a laptop from… Read More

  • Asus wants you to break the seal

    It’s good to hear good sense coming from a good company like Asus. Sure, one can argue back and forth whether their motherboards are better or worse than Abit’s, or Gigabyte’s, but here they’ve revealed a position every hardware manufacturer should emulate: ASUS Computer International (“ASUS”) recently received feedback from one of its valued customers… Read More

  • New Garmin GPS unit to support topo, aerial photo data

    It won’t be the first to the party, or even the second or third, but the trusted Garmin brand will soon have a unit that support that will include aerial maps and topographic data pre-loaded. You can also enhance its built-in stuff with SD cards with sweet cartographic centers. It’s waterproof, it’s got temp and altitude monitors, and it’s navigated by what they call… Read More

  • Your favorite Halo rumors gently crushed in Bungie chat

    The forums have been, as ever, abuzz with the most ridiculous of Halo rumors. In a recent chat-style interview, some of these speculations were brought under the scrutiny of two Bungie guys. Among the highlights:
    -The Halo Movie is on “pause,” which is probably a nice way of saying “stalled.”
    -Nothing Marathon-related in the works. What, Halo isn’t Marathon related? Read More

  • Another step towards the Babel Fish; gadget scans, understands, and speaks any text

    Looks like HP is getting together with South Korean company Mouscan (Mouscan?) to move us one step closer to that universal translator that’s in every sci-fi story since that sci-fi part of the bible. They call it the Voiscan. HP is contributing the ability to put together a single document by waving a camera over it, and Mouscan is bringing its optical character recognition skillz to… Read More

  • CompUSA's liquidation schedule leaked

    Looks like someone spilled the beans. As we reported over the weekend, CompUSA has been bought and will almost certainly be closed down. Now we’re definitely sure because the schedule for dealing with closing up shops has been released. Basically, everyone gets informed Monday, Tuesday is the last day for returns and repairs, and Wednesday is the interesting part, as that’s when the… Read More

  • Wild Zune spotted in remote Canadian province

    Some “wannabe Zune owner” has stumbled upon a treasure trove of 30GB Zunes (original flavor) on sale at XSCargo, a discount retailer north of the border. Of course, they’re refurbished, and there’s no brown one available, but from the frenzied replies of the Zune-seeking Canucks in this forum post, even a refurbished, white Zune 1 will get a buyer up there. More power… Read More

  • Major League Gaming's A40 Headphones make me all wobbly inside

    Are these not some sexy-looking headphones? I have just recently been looking for a decent pair of wireless wired headphones with decent battery life, good sound, and a reasonable price tag. Guess I’ll have to settle for two out of three, because these things cost $250. But look at them. They look like they could play games themselves, they’re so professional. They come with an… Read More