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  • QuickMuse: famous poets throw down

    QuickMuse is a new site where well known poets battle it out in a fifteen minute race to pen the most compelling text inspired by a thought provoking quote about art. The live event is archived so you can watch each keystroke beside a ticking clock and then discuss the race and poetry in the site’s forum. It’s fun to watch the pauses, deletions, misspellings and bursts of text… Read More

  • Platial to launch multimedia mashup at Where 2.0

    The multimedia and user-generated online atlas service Platial will announce a new live offering called Today Nearby at the Where 2.0 conference starting tomorrow. The new service will combine RSS feeds of news, photos, videos, events and places with Google Maps and Google Earth. Content will be mapped from Reuters, Flickr, Eventful, YouTube and other users’ maps. Updates to locations… Read More

  • Plugaid will bring trackbacks to MySpace, Xanga

    Plugaid is an innovative and easy way for bloggers using systems that don’t support automatic trackback discovery to show the conversations that their posts are a part of. The tool targets systems like MySpace, Xanga and I think it will be very welcome there. Plugaid was co-founded by a student from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology named Trent Kang. Read More

  • BloggerKit provides easy affiliate ads, good revenue sharing

    BloggerKit, an easy to use tag-based interface for the Amazon affiliate program, is officially launching today. The company founders say their service allows greater control over what is advertised than other systems and is easier to use. Unlike MyPickList, a similar service Mike profiled here earlier, BloggerKit requires very little interaction with other sites and has a great revenue model. Read More

  • One True Media gets funding for easy online slide show creation

    One True Media will announce today $5 million in new funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. The service provides online video and photo slide show editing and sharing. One True Media’s service is highly usable, is well positioned to target families and online social network users but leans towards lock-in in its approach to the tension between the viral nature of online… Read More

  • Mikonoclast offers personal icons for social networking

    A Cedar Park, Texas based startup called Mikonoclast, LLC recently launched, a site for self expression, social networking and commerce. Through clip art. The service is all about little icons; mikons is presumably a play on “my icons.” You can claim, share or draw your own mikons in a shockwave drawing feature. The sharing function allows you to put a creative… Read More

  • Umundo makes mobile photo and video sharing easy

    Umundo is a new service that allows users to share photos and video captured on mobile phones without the need to set up an account. By entering a phone number or email, anyone can subscribe to a feed in a number of online readers or in iTunes. Code is also available to display video on MySpace pages. Oliver over at MobileCrunch wrote a positive review of Umundo last night and compares it… Read More

  • Google Research prototypes ambient audio contextual content

    A team from Google Research has developed a prototype system that uses a home computer’s internal microphone to listen to the ambient audio in a room, determine what is being watched on TV and offer web-based supplemental information, services and shopping contextual to each program being watched. It’s strange, but it sounds like it works and people might really like it. … Read More

  • Kozoru searches in your favorite sites by IM

    Kansas based Kozoru launched a new service today called BYOMS, or build your own mobile search. It’s a handy way to search inside preselected sites by IM on a desktop or mobile device. Think Rollyo mashed up with AIM. Though not the easiest thing in the world to figure out at first, it could be a real time saver once you’ve got it set up. Kozoru is a two year old company founded… Read More

  • SplitGames vs Swaptree

    Following Mike’s analysis on Swaptree I have compared it with SplitGames , a French company that is also playing in the courtyard of product trading community but that is playing by different rules. In my view, more relevant. The service is available in French only for now. SplitGames is only is focusing on videogames. This category is probably the most relevant for product trading if… Read More

  • NetVibes gets an ecosystem

    Paris/London based NetVibes, which provides a personalized Ajax homepage, released significant upgrades yesterday, including new plugins and community sharing features. Tariq Krim, NetVibes CEO took us through this new version. First they have released 2 new plugins accessible in the default feed menu. One is displaying hottest digg news and the other helps you monitor Ebay activities. They… Read More

  • SixApart To Launch Comet, Renamed Vox, on June 1

    San Francisco based SixApart, which owns the Typepad, MovableType and LiveJournal blogging platforms, will start letting users test their new Vox (formerly Comet) hosted blogging platform on Thursday, June 1. Initially a few thousand people will be let in, and they will ramp up from there. Vox was initially introduced last fall at a DEMO conference (click here for details and a video archive… Read More

  • Download Your TV – The Current Options

    Downloadable television, first made popular by Tivo and its competitors, is compelling stuff. As consumers become accustomed to watching a show whenever they choose, pausing at will and fast tracking through commercials, tuning in to a station at a scheduled broadcast time seems quaint at best. Today, 7% of U.S. households have a digital video recorder, or DVR and most cable companies offer a… Read More

  • Maxthon gets ready to face browser War

    Maxthon browser: a Beijing based company we reviewed recently, will announce today an investment with Charles River Ventures and is preparing a version 2 of its already very popular browser that is supposed to be realeased in weeks time. Maxthon went over 50 millions downloads since last time we reviewed them. They are now over 55 millions and are growing at the speed of over millions per month. Read More

  • Improve yourself with Mecanbe

    Mecanbe is an Australian start-up founded by Adam Korbl that will enable you to track your goals in life. It still is in development but the founders were kind enough to take us through a first preview of the service. Mecanbe is a service for self-coaching and self-improvement. As you can see from the screenshots below the service is very nicely designed and has many applications and… Read More

  • Do More: Online To Do Lists Compared

    Time is our most valuable commodity. Productivity pays. Procrastination costs us time and money, and leaves us stressed, exhausted and unreliable in the eyes of others. For many, the classic “To Do” list is the remedy. But for heavy web users, there are a number of recently launched to-do list products to choose from, with convenient sharing and other features, and easy to use… Read More

  • CityCita is jumping into the social organization jungle

    After Meetup and recently reviewed Renkoo, France based CityCita is bringing up together a new service that help groups create group events in a smart way with a nice series of features. CEO Jamin Rubio mentionned they are about to launch the service in private beta next Monday and the services will be aimed at the US market first although anyone will be able to register the service. The… Read More

  • Comparing the Mapping Services

    Online mapping has come a long way in the last year. Google Maps entered the field and added satellite imagery to spring itself into the spotlight – challenging the colorful cartoon-like map images of longtime mapping frontrunner Mapquest. The Google Maps API enabled developers to create new applications and mashups, thereby pushing the Google Maps brand to mainstream audiences. Read More

  • Subscription Music Services Compared: Part 2

    We’ve analyzed the services that sell digital music and are presenting the results in a two part post. This Part 2 compares the subcription music services that let you access an entire music library of up to 2 million songs for a single monthly fee. Part 1, posted last Thursday, focused on the pay-per-download services (such as iTunes). While the pay per download market is dominated by… Read More

  • Let’s Buy Some Music: Part 1

    We’ve analyzed the services that sell digital music (iTunes and its competitors). This Part 1 focuses on the pay-per-download services. In Part 2 (now posted) we’ll compare the all-you-can-eat subscription services. While compact disc sales have declined 19 percent since 2001, online music sales have started to boom. According to a recent report by the International Federation of… Read More