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  • Ning launches!

    Ning, also known as the official name for 24 Hour Laundry‘s project, just launched. I actually had to keep myself from posting early because I was excited about it. Now that I got the word from them with the approval to post, here goes the unveiling. Ning is, and I quote, “a free online service (or, as we like to call it, a Playground) for building and using social applications. Read More

  • Speaking of loops: Slide

    Company: Slide
    Launched: 2005
    Location: San Francisco Everybody wants to get media distribution done right. Slide and Filmloop both tackle the problem through a desktop application that is constantly updated with media items, scrolling to your hearts content. Contrary to Filmloop that is in closed Beta, Slide is out there and we’ve seen it for ourselves at our last barbecue. I’ll… Read More

  • Mash-up: Placeopedia

    New day, new (notorious) mash-up envolving Google Maps. Placeopedia is a great mash-up that combines Google Maps with Wikipedia, creating a visual representation of topics by place – thus allowing you to search for articles that relate to a certain location in a map. Placeopedia tackles the problem with Wikipedia of not having a visual guide to where (in a map) articles refer to. Read More

  • Welcome to the new server

    If you’re a regular at Techcrunch you have probably been wondering why the site has been so slow lately. With the growing number of readers we’ve been having, the site has been getting massive ammounts of traffic and the server we were on wasn’t enough to hold everybody. So, in order to better serve you, we just changed servers and are now feeling much better. The new machine… Read More

  • Mefeedia named "Best of the Web"

    Peter Van Dijck, author of one of my favourite books on IA (That many of you will probably like: Information Architecture for Designers), has launched Mefeedia some time ago, and is getting rave reviews about his video aggregator. In fact, the reviews have been so great that it is a part of the “Best of the Web” by BusinessWeek’s editor. If you haven’t seen Mefeedia… Read More

  • Mash-up: Demographics + Google Maps

    A couple of days ago I wrote an editorial on our focus in mash-ups, and how we were going to start posting the ones we find the most interesting. So to kick things off, here’s a great project that mashes Demographics information with Google Maps creating an extremely interesting result. AnalyGIS, in partnership with SRC, has developed a proof-of-concept application that combines the… Read More

  • Odeo launches dashboard widget

    The guys at Odeo have just launched a Dashboard widget for mac users who want to listen to their podcasts straight from their desktop. Due to its nature it is OSX Tiger only – even though with Yahoo Widgets it shouldn’t be much work to have something going for Windows too – but if you run it on your machine, make sure you check it out. It’s always good to see… Read More

  • Netvibes – Personal homepage

    Netvibes, a project started in France by Florant Fremont, is the latest web-app based on the idea of personalized homepages and like some others (like Start and Google’s personal homepage), it is powered by some nicely developed Ajax. Their goal is best put in their own words, so quoting their blog post about the launch on the 8th september, The aim of it is to provide a place on the… Read More

  • Editorial: On Mash-ups

    Mash-ups, or the use of distinctive services for the creation of new and interesting applications, are one of the most interesting concepts behind the Web 2.0 phenomenon. Here on Techcrunch, we’re always up for the challenge of talking about innovation with services and apps, so we have decided to start covering Mash-ups more frequently. What this means is that besides the profiles… Read More

  • Profile –

    Location: London
    Launched: 2002, redesigned in 2005 With applications like Pandora (profile) getting some attention from the blogosphere, it’s time to shed some light on another music-related project that’s been around for some time now and that I’m quite fond of – Last FM (now merged with the Audioscrobbler project) allows you to generate… Read More

  • Profile – VitalSource

    Every once in a while I am surprised by some of the new web-application ideas people come up with. Some are bad – in fact, it’s disappointing to see so many applications launched just for the sake of launching -, but sometimes (just sometimes) you can actually feel when a project is set to solve a problem, even if for a small group of people. VitalSource was announced yesterday, and… Read More

  • Profile – Chalk

    In a short but interesting announcement, Chalk was introduced to the world. Chalk is a Ruby on Rails and Ajax-powered web application to collaborative manage your daily life. Quoting the introduction: Designers, programmers, writers, family, friends – anyone. We all want tools that make us more productive, especially when we’re working in groups. Chalk gives any team an immediate… Read More

  • Jyve

    Company: Jyve
    Launched: July 2005
    Location: Virtual – people in Silicon Valley, Toronto, Montreal, New York What is it? Jyve is a set of applications that enhance Skype. I eventually had to tear myself away from the site because I kept finding new tools and features, but the core functionality can be summarized into four categories: Presence-related tools Browser Sharing Auto… Read More