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  • Learning Entrepreneurship - StartupBus 2012

    StartupBus Day Four: San Antonio to Austin [TCTV]

    The “buspreneurs” have arrived in Austin! The StartupBus, which began a four-day journey from San Francisco/Silicon Valley on Tuesday morning, completed the final leg of the voyage yesterday. The teams of entrepreneurs hoping to debut new products at South by Southwest Interactive arrived by way of San Antonio, where they received an enthusiastic welcome at Rackspace. “We live… Read More

  • Second Day of Silicon Valley Startup Bus 2012

    StartupBus to SXSW Day Two: Indio to Las Cruces [TCTV]

    The journey to SXSW continues. Yesterday, we watched as a busload of entrepreneurs began a multi-city roadtrip to the South by Southwest Interactive conference where they will debut the startups they form on this four-day excursion. The Startup Bus left its San Francisco/Silicon Valley base at 6 am on Tuesday, heading south as the entrepreneurs got to know each other. On Day 2 of the trip… Read More

  • TC Cribs Tours Sina Offices

    TC Cribs: Inside Sina’s Weibo Microblog (TCTV)

    The runaway growth of Sina’s microblog service Weibo has been one of the hottest tech stories of the year in China, and we found out the power of the platform firsthand during the promotion and planning of TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing. One curious thing about China’s microblog wars is that an older technology company– not a scrappy startup– became the dominant winner. Read More

  • Beijing’s Garage Café: Coffee and an Open Office for Startups (TCTV)

    Beijing’s Garage Café: Coffee and an Open Office for Startups (TCTV)

    Before we kicked off Disrupt Beijing, the TechCrunchTV team had just enough time to venture out into the city to begin exploring the local startup scene. One of our stops: The Garage Café, a coffee shop where startup companies go to work on their projects. For the price of a cup of coffee (a little over 3 US dollars), teams can set up office for the day and have access to a library of… Read More