Alexia Tsotsis

Alexia Tsotsis

Alexia Tsotsis is the co-editor of TechCrunch. She attended the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA, majoring in Writing and Painting, and moved to New York City shortly after graduation to work in the media industry.

After four years of living in New York and attending courses at New York University, she returned to Los Angeles in order to continue her career in new media, first as LA Weekly’s Internet culture reporter, and then as SF Weekly’s web editor.

Before she joined TechCrunch in 2010, Alexia ran the SFweekly website from San Francisco, staying on top of the tech scene and human behavior in the digital age.

At TechCrunch, Alexia covers young companies, and has had the opportunity to interview everyone from Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom to former FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. In 2011, Alexia made the Forbes “30 Under 30: Rising Stars of Media List.” In 2012 she was promoted to Co-EIC of TechCrunch. Her Twitter bio reads, “Breaks news and hearts.”


I own Aol stock, diversified investments via ETFs and Mutual Funds, and shares in Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter. I am a board member of MAS, a non-profit design lab in Los Angeles. I'm also in a relationship with a VC at General Catalyst Partners. Whenever there is the potential for real or perceived conflict in what I write about, I promise to bring it up, and link back here.

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  • Google Instant: It Searches Before You Type

    We called it! So Google will be rolling out starting today search results that update while you type, “Google Instant”, a feature which they had tested in the wild. The results stream to you, taking what you’ve typed so far as a cue. According to Google, the feature consists of three gears: *Instant Results — Google Results now dynamically change as you type, typing in… Read More

  • Need Niche Network Group Buying Deals? Meet ChompOn

    TCDisrupt finalist ChompOn officially launches its major product foray into the deals space with its platform for publishers going live today. Attempting to take on the saturated deals aggregation space among competitors Yipit and 8coupons, the company offers hyper-targeted white label widgets that are drop-in on any site, which means that publishers can mix and match deals, and anyone can… Read More

  • Campus Dibs Is A Groupon For Colleges: Smart Move

    The most interesting thing about Campus Dibs, a recently launched Groupon clone, is its choice of vertical i.e. college campuses. If you don’t think this is notable enough to merit another (albeit brief) Groupon clone post then just remember how Facebook got a headstart towards world domination, by strategically targeting social networks in the Ivy League and slowly expanding… Read More

  • Firefox 4 Beta, Now With Faster Graphics And Visual Sound

    Firefox just launched its fifth Firefox 4 beta, which includes a more streamlined interface, faster graphics and a new audio API that exposes raw audio data. What’s new in this latest iteration of Firefox? * The introduction of an audio API which uses HTML5, allowing developers to visualize sound data in a browser, creating novel ways to experience sound while web surfing. * Emphasis… Read More

  • Still Think The iTunes 10 Icon Sucks? Our Ten Reader Alternatives

    Is it just me or has there been a lot of logo hate going around lately? Apparently hell hath no fury like an armchair graphic designer scorned, if you go by some of the comments on our “Hate The iTunes 10 Logo? Think You Can Do Better?” post. Along with haters doing what they do best (hint: it’s hating) we also got a ton of alternative submissions. Here are ten of the… Read More

  • Eric Schmidt: "We Know Where You Are, We Know What You Like"

    During a keynote at the IFA in Berlin, Eric Schmidt topped off presentations on Voice Powered Search, Street View Search and Google TV by emphasizing how much Google values being fast and that current technological advancements are nearing the realm of science fiction, or what he called, “The age of augmented humanity.” The IFA stands for International Funkausstellung, which… Read More

  • With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: A Facebook Bill Of Rights

    Facebook has come along way from being Mark Zuckerberg’s afterschool project. In fact “The Facebook Effect” author David Kirkpatrick implied at TechCrunch Disrupt that Facebook was so influential it should be governed by the United Nations, “They are too important to our culture to be left to a private corporation” he said. But, despite the fact that at 500… Read More

  • Oracle Hires Former HP CEO Mark Hurd As Co-President

    Oracle Hires Former HP CEO Mark Hurd As Co-President

    Oracle has confirmed that former Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd has found a cushy place to land after one of the year’s messiest tech scandals. Hurd will be joining the company as Co-President alongside Oracle CEO and close friend Larry Ellison. This comes as no surprise if you believed yesterday’s rumors of Hurd’s hire or took note of the fact that Ellison came to his… Read More

  • Facebook, Relationships And 'Catfish': It's Complicated

    If ever a trailer did not depict what a movie is actually about it’s this trailer for Universal Pictures’ Catfish, a movie about Facebook the subject matter of which could not be further from that other movie about Facebook. I’d like to use this sentence to say “Spoiler Alert” about fifteen times because the next couple paragraphs are going to be full of them. If… Read More

  • Stealth Mode Watch: Another Nail In The Coffin Of "Stealth"

    Stealth Mode Watch: Another Nail In The Coffin Of "Stealth"

    Stealth Mode Watch, a searchable data spider of often very revealing SEC form D filings, is the brain child of Denis Papathanasiou, who came up with the idea while researching funding options (a.k.a spying) for his ebooks startup Fifobooks, “I was just using it to keep tabs on specific investors and other competitors in the ebook space, but I mentioned it to a few people, and they… Read More

  • Hate The iTunes 10 Icon? Think You Can Do Better?

    Hate The iTunes 10 Icon? Think You Can Do Better?

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ obsessive focus on design detail is at least partially responsible for why the tech sphere and the design sphere are so intertwined at the moment. Which makes the ire that Jobs has received for the current iTunes 10 logo (not to mention the foibles of Ping) particularly poignant. The universal hatred for this thing has spawned an @BPGlobalPR-esque Twitter account… Read More

  • Google Streamlines Its Privacy Policy. Should Facebook Be Next?

    Location-based service Echo Echo recently posted the above image to their blog in a (successful) attempt to garner some media attention as the debate around online privacy continues to rage. As extreme as their “If Mark Zuckerburg Cared About Privacy” example is, it does call attention to the needless complexity of various web service privacy agreements, settings and policies. In… Read More

  • Want To Use Gmail Priority Inbox With IMAP? Tough Luck

    Curious what Google’s Gmail Priority Inbox means for those of us who use an IMAP or POP client like Mac Mail or the Mail function on an iPhone? Well as of yet the feature is not fully enabled on either IMAP or POP-compatible third party or mobile clients, leaving a large percentage of people who hate viewing email their email on a standard web browser out in the cold. If you try to use… Read More

  • YC-Funded Cloudant Launches Its NoSQL Cloud Database Platform

    YCombinator-funded Cloudant, a database platform built around Apache’s open source CouchDB framework, officially launches after three years of hard work. Cloud-based like Cloudera and Amazon Web Services and part of the NoSQL movement, Cloudant scales your database on the CloudDB framework but also provides hosting, administrative tools, analytics and support so “You don’t… Read More

  • Ustream Snags Former Palm PR VP Lynn Fox

    We hear that former Palm Vice President of Public Relations Lynn Fox has given up on her “Consult Until-I-Find-Another-Job Consulting” plans and landed a permanent gig at video streaming service Ustream. Her formal title will be VP of Corporate Communications and she will be reporting to Ustream CEO John Ham. Sources say that Fox is the first in a series of new hires at Ustream… Read More

  • This Spam Infographic About Spam Infographics Makes My Head Hurt

    Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post of Internet memes, today wins the “more meta than thou” award for making “An Infographic Backlash Infographic” inspired by the tragic tale of a guy whose job it was to game Digg back when Digg had enough traffic to make it worth gaming. Okay Buzzfeed, just because you understand recursion, doesn’t mean you have to rub it in our face… Read More

  • Email Overload Means We're Never Not Working

    A new study by email software purveyor Xobni confirms what we bloggers know to be true, there’s actually no such thing as a day off in the Internet age (Want more visceral proof than an email study? Check out the timestamp of this post). Information anxiety has pretty much put the kibosh on “time off” as two out of three Americans and Brits check their email outside of… Read More

  • WhereMark Launches Location-Based Service, A Cautionary Tale

    Okay, here’s the deal, if you are a startup unveiling a location-based service in a market saturated with location-based services please tell us what is unique about you vs. the 800 or so other services out there and please please whatever you do don’t copy the pitch, which we liked the first time around. WhereMark “We are writing to you in an awkward state of… Read More

  • 20 Year Old Founder Jessica Mah Gets $1 Million Put Into Banking Startup InDinero

    We’ve confirmed that wunderkind Jessica Mah is one week away from closing a hotly anticipated round of seed financing for simple online finance management tool InDinero. Confirmed investors in the round (which still has three open spots reserved for valley VIPs like SV Angel) include 500 StartUps‘ Dave McClure, Microsoft’s Fritz Lanman, and YouTube’s Jawed Karim. Part… Read More

  • Ooyala Expands Into Australia, Appoints Former Adobe Exec As Managing Director

    Premium streaming video service Ooyala, serving such influential media properties as Fremantle Media, Vice Magazine, Glam Media, Electronic Arts as well as yours truly, today announces its plan to expand its operations to Australia. To helm this initiative, the company has appointed former Adobe executive John Treloar as Managing Director for the Australia and New Zealand region. Founded by… Read More