Alexia Tsotsis

Alexia Tsotsis

Alexia Tsotsis is the co-editor of TechCrunch. She attended the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA, majoring in Writing and Painting, and moved to New York City shortly after graduation to work in the media industry.

After four years of living in New York and attending courses at New York University, she returned to Los Angeles in order to continue her career in new media, first as LA Weekly’s Internet culture reporter, and then as SF Weekly’s web editor.

Before she joined TechCrunch in 2010, Alexia ran the SFweekly website from San Francisco, staying on top of the tech scene and human behavior in the digital age.

At TechCrunch, Alexia covers young companies, and has had the opportunity to interview everyone from Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom to Facebook investor Peter Thiel to fashion blogger Leandra Medine. In 2011, Alexia made the Forbes “30 Under 30: Rising Stars of Media List.” In 2012 she was promoted to Co-EIC of TechCrunch.


I own Aol stock, diversified investments via ETFs and Mutual Funds, and shares in Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter. I am a board member of MAS, a non-profit design lab in Los Angeles. I'm also in a relationship with a VC at General Catalyst Partners. Whenever there is the potential for real or perceived conflict in what I write about, I promise to bring it up, and link back here.

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  • Media Sells To United Internet Group

    We’ve just learned that Jay Penske, the man behind, has sold off the email portal side of the business ( to Germany’s United Internet Group, in order to focus on the company’s more content driven sites such as Nikki Finke’s, Bonnie Fuller’s, and Read More

  • Net Neutrality Watchdog Group Uses Google, Facebook Ads To Attack Google

    Consumer watchdogs Progressive Change Campaign Committee, one of the groups behind last month’s Net Neutrality protests in Mountain View (which produced the amazing and as of yet unverified statistic that 600 Google employees signed an anti-Google/Verizon petition) have now one-upped themselves by buying ads through Google’s own content network and on competitor Facebook in… Read More

  • Zuckerberg, 'The Social Network' And The Rise Of The Terror Nerd

    Zuckerberg, 'The Social Network' And The Rise Of The Terror Nerd

    The first thing you’ll do after watching Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher’s The Social Network is visit the “History” subsection of the Wikipedia article on Facebook, seeking details on how much in the film is actually true, but primarily looking for evidence as to whether or not Mark Zuckerberg was that much of an asshole between 2003 and 2005. Let me save you the trouble. Read More

  • Someone Finally Autotuned The Brooklyn Tornado Video

    If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for the autotune remix of the “Brooklyn Tornado 9/16/10″ YouTube clip all week. Well in case your Google alerts for “Brooklyn Tornado Autotune” did not go off, here you go. Now you can relive what some call the East Coast’s Double Rainbow dialogue classics in all their autotuned glory, but especially… Read More

  • RIAA Goes Offline, Joins MPAA As Latest Victim Of Successful DDoS Attacks

    In an offense called “Operation Payback,” members of the Internet collective Anonymous have organized what seems to be anti anti-piracy movement. Dubbed by Torrent Freak as the “protest of the future” the group has been pretty busy over the past 36 hours launching DDoS attacks on the MPAA, Indian anti-piracy site Aiplex Software and today both and Read More

  • Flickr Hits Its 5 Billionth Photo, And Here It Is

    According to Media Culpa a blog that apparently obsessively tracks these things, photo-sharing site Flickr has hit the 5 billionth photo milestone today with the above, uploaded  by Flickr  user yeoaaron. Media culpa blogger Hans Kullin also points out that Flickr has been growing at about 1 billion photos per year, over the past 3 years, eclipsed in market share by social giant Facebook… Read More

  • Syncronizer: A Chatroom Community With Twitter-Style Following

    Started as a way for University of Michigan students to gossip during class, founder Dan Rich says he was inspired by the simplicity of sites like Texts From Last Night and FML when he built Syncronizer, a community where you can follow chat conversations about anything from “Jersey Shore” to “Econ 503.” In fact Rich brings up stealth startup BNTER, started by Texts… Read More

  • Journalism Student Won't Leave Steve Jobs Alone

    Gawker just published some emails where Apple CEO Steve Jobs comes off as pretty rude to journalism student Chelsea Issacs. We here at TechCrunch we have a tradition of Peter Kafka-esque skepticism when it comes to emails from journalism students, but especially ones that seem to be at the center of some shady Internet/fame seeking business themselves. “In 1998, Isaacs was the most… Read More

  • Does Quid Have The Most Pretentious Website of Any Startup Ever?

    The overly ornate website copy of investment trends startup Quid (tagline: “Mapping the world’s technologies”) has now become a subject on Quora, and is therefore famous enough to warrant objective analysis. So here goes … First of all I literally spat out my morning coffee when I saw the header “Our Secondary Typeface.” Secondary typeface!? How about a… Read More

  • Facebook Places Goes Live In The UK

    Facebook Places Goes Live In The UK

    Facebook’s geo-locational service Facebook Places is now working in the United Kingdom. Want up to the minute proof? Check Twitter and TechCrunch Europe. The Next Web reports that a conference for the formal announcement of Facebook Places United Kingdom happened at 8am BST, where Facebook Places product manager Michael Sharon walked British press through the service. If you are in the… Read More

  • Organize Your Company's Ad Hoc Sharing With Jambok

    Jambok is a software as a service platform that enables companies and communities to share knowledge in the the cloud. Ideal for the “informal learning” (everything that’s not official training) part of corporate communications, the Jambok platform allows you to post video, audio, photos, as well as screen capture your desktop in order to share knowledge within your… Read More

  • Lalawag, L.A.'s Tech Blog, Shuts Down

    L.A. based tech chronicler Lalawag has ended it’s two year stretch with a blog post of its “Greatest Hits” today, a heavily trafficked blog post, judging from the fact that I can’t get any part of their site to load. Run by Laurie and Sean Percival, who is now VP of Marketing at mySpace, the site covered the lives of tech notables in Los Angeles and beyond, including… Read More

  • Fraudulent Groupon Photography Deal Calls Attention To Service Drawbacks

    A photography deal offered on Groupon in Atlanta yesterday turned messy when it was revealed that the photographer had promoted her work with stolen images and was far from equipped to carry out the terms of the Groupon. Groupon user SP, who called attention to the fishiness of the Dana Dawes Photography deal in the first place, brought up the following interesting point: “Groupon… Read More

  • Meet Seesmic For Windows Phone 7

    While the phone itself launches in October, Seesmic has just posted a preview video of what the Seesmic app will look like on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Seesmic recently launched Seesmic Desktop 2 and hinted that there would be a Windows Phone 7 app coming shortly. The above video highlights some of its features including Dashboard, Search and Spaces. Read More

  • "Stealth" Advertising Startup AK Networks Raises $8 Million

    We’ve learned that super stealth advertising related startup AK Networks has closed an $8 million round of Series A funding. An SEC Form D filing reveals that the round was co-lead by True Ventures’ Jon Callaghan and DCM’s Dixon Doll and that the company, founded in March, is based out of New York (with the distinction of a Park Avenue address, even). founder… Read More

  • Zazuba, An OpenTable For Everything Else

    Zazuba, operating currently out of Washington D.C. is a way to book online appointments for everything from manicures to meditation to dog grooming. An “OpenTable for everything else,” Zazuba works primarily by providing businesses with a web based appointment manager and booking widget for their own sites, ultimately aggregating the data on Unlike distributed… Read More

  • Waiting For The New Twitter? Get A DM When You're Eligible

    If you’re like me you don’t have the new Twitter yet (Wow, talk about a gradual roll out fail. Hey dudes, I work for TechCrunch remember!). So what’s a girl to do other than stay up all night crying and manually refreshing until she gets a taste of that sweet sweet bifurcated screen? Well, there’s, yes, a Twitter app for that. For those of us that are still… Read More

  • The Seven Best Startups At DEMO

    After watching SAP CEO Bill McDermott, HP CTO Phil McKinney, and Square Co-founder Jack Dorsey give their conference spiel today,  I took a stroll into the DEMO pit in order to find the seven best startups at DEMO. While the presentation junkets split all 67 worthy startups into Mobile Technologies, Cloud Technologies,  Consumer and Social and Media Technologies, I’ve culled the seven… Read More

  • Jack Dorsey On Square, Entrepreneurship and Twitter's Mistakes

    Jack Dorsey On Square, Entrepreneurship and Twitter's Mistakes

    Here at the DEMO conference in Santa Clara, VentureBeat’s Matt Marshall asked Twitter founder Jack Dorsey about his regrets, “What can the 67 companies here learn [from your experiences with Twitter]?” Marshall asked. Dorsey, who is still Chairman of Twitter, put context around his answers, “Twitter has some interesting scaling issues, massive spike around an… Read More

  • Shawn Fanning’s Supyo, Inc Gets $200K In Funding

    According to SEC Form D filings, former Napster founder and Chatroulette adviser Shawn Fanning and Voxli founder Joey Liaw have raised $200k in funding for what is listed on the document as Supyo, Inc. What the listing does not make clear is whether Supyo, Inc is a placeholder for something else, as seems to be someone’s personal site. Calling the number associated with the… Read More