Nintendo Japan Announces Title List For Their Game Boy Advance 3DS Ambassador Program

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It’s now video game history: after the 3DS didn’t sell as well as expected, Nintendo decided to go for a sudden, massive price drop for its portable console worldwide. In Japan, for example, the price fell by 40% from 25,000 yen to 15,000 yen. Later, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata apologized to buyers and promised a bunch of free games for early adopters, no matter where the device was bought.

It took them a while, but Nintendo finally sent out an email to users in Japan that contains all ten Gameboy Advance titles that are part of the so-called “3DS Ambassador Program” (which is to make up for the price cut).

Here are the titles:

- F-Zero (“Maximum Velocity”)
- Super Mario Advance 3
- Zelda: The Minish Cap
- Fire Emblem – Seima no Kouseki
- Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
- Mario Kart Advance
- Mario vs Donkey Kong
- Metroid Fusion
- Wario Land Advance
- Made in Wario

3DS users will be able to download these (pretty solid) games this Friday, free of charge. Expect Nintendo in the US and Europe to follow up soon.