TechCrunch Redesign Fan Art (Yes, It Exists)

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If a website gets a redesign, and nobody hates it, is it even on the Internet? It’s been exactly a week since our redesign and the screams of agony from the tens of offended readers have finally died down. My favorite responses? Milk founder Kevin Rose’s (joke) offer to revert Digg back to Version 3 if we also reneged, investor Chris Sacca’s colorful description of our font choices and those two subsequent “Your Site Sucks” tips that spelled “Micael Arrington” and “Site Redisign” in the subject lines exactly like that.

But honestly guys, seven days and the unwieldy thing is kind of growing on me —  Even if because I have no actually say in what it looks like and better effing get used to it learn how to use it”sink or swim” style (For the record I still don’t like the logo, so there). Other than all the hard work put into it by our team (and it was a lot), what I’m most impressed by is the sheer amount of creativity you guys put into your reactions. From TechCrunch Comments As New Yorker Cartoons to a “Hitler Reacts” video our readers showed us the love/hate.

I’ve complied some of our favorites below.

Some of you creatively interpreted our logo:



Some of you were silly:



And some not so silly (offering genuine suggestions for improvement):



The TCFast people went all out with their New York Times, HackerNews and Google+ inspired versions:

Hilter weighed in:

And so did Crunchgear’s Devin Coldeway:

This Usertesting study of non-TechCrunch readers reactions is also pretty cool, if not as artistic as the stuff readers sent in. Got any more good ones? Email or include them in the comments, I promise to include the best ones here.