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Apple Acquires iPhone4.com And WhiteiPhone.com Domain Names

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In our ongoing quest to keep track of which domain names Apple owns – and doesn’t own – we picked this up over at Fusible: the Cupertino tech giant has apparently acquired the domains iPhone4.com and WhiteiPhone.com quite recently.

Both domain names have already been forwarded to the iPhone 4 product page, which apparently a lot of people mistake for a 4G phone (according to a Retrevo study).

As Fusible points out, Apple is not the owner of iPhone5.com, iPhone6.com, iPhone7.com (and so on) although it’s always possible they’re simply not interested in registering them or obtaining ownership by filing a dispute. They’ve never owned iPhone3GS.com or iPad.com either, by the way.

The iPhone 4 was introduced at WWDC on June 7th 2010 and is the most advanced smartphone currently sold by Apple (and, as I’m sure MG Siegler would argue, probably the most advanced smartphone, period). The white version of the device became available last April.