Need a video about your startup? Newspepper goes freemium

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You want a video about your startup. You don’t have a huge budget. Video production companies are quoting you an arm-and-a-leg-price. Well now there’s a new option. Admittedly it’s not a tech company, but, in fairness, Newspepper and founder Hermione Way have been a staunch supporter of tech startups that they kind know how the space works.

Way says she is bringing a ‘fremium model to media production’. In essense that means giving students and graduates internships to create much cheaper video projects – but thus allowing the students to learn on the job and apply their skills practically before moving into the industry.The upshot? You can get a free video where the quality is not guaranteed, or you can pay the professional rate where it is. Now students join the site and basially get rated n their skills, so it’s a kind of community play.

There are lots of websites already connecting interns with internships; Enternships, Interninc Urbaninterns,, Internshipking to name a few. Whatever you think, it seems to have worked, working with Channel 4, NESTA and the BBC since 2008 (and TechCrunch).

Services (1st cut) from Newspepper on Vimeo.

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