Samsung scoffs at AMOLED shortages, promises 10x increase in production next year

Samsung knows you love a good AMOLED. They knows it well. A little too well, actually, what with all the recent shortages they’ve faced.

Samsung aren’t sitting around doin’ nothin’, though.

Samsung told the Wall Street Journal today that their new Mobile Display fabrication plant — set to go live in July 2011 — will increase the current AMOLED display production from 3 million units per month to a jaw-dropping 30 million per month. Yeah, that’s right, a 10x increase.

With these new production rates, Samsung believes that it will be able to keep up with the projected 700 million AMOLED displays that will be required in 2015.

Interestingly, the original article also stated that Samsung’s Super-AMOLED displays are actually available to any manufacturer, and not a Samsung exclusive, contrary to previous beliefs. I’m certainly happy to hear that, even if it could be a case of miscommunication within Samsung.

[via Engadget]