My top iPad pet peeves… so far

I’ll update – or shorten this list – as I work with the device.

Sticky fingers – The iPad screen is big. It takes lots of fingerprints. It takes a nice brushing with a soft cloth to clean.

Keep out of direct sunlight – As you saw from my photos, the screen washes out like mad in direct sunlight. It happens with the iPad and most laptops, as well, but you really notice it with the 10-inch screen.

iPhone Apps are annoying – Now I understand why I kept getting PR emails about iPad apps. iPhone apps on the iPad are either horribly dinky or horribly pixelated. There’s no real middle ground. Developers need to hurry up.

The iPhone UI doesn’t scale well – I don’t mind the UI, but it’s a little “spaced out.” All of those separate icons are a little weirdly “kerned” on the iPad screen.

HD apps are twice as expensive – Twice the pixels for twice the price? Come on, guys. This isn’t science of the rockets. Why do I need to pay $4 for an HD version of Fieldrunners? Gold rush much?