Let's all hit a cinema at once to see District 9

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The latest Star Trek movie seemed like a great opportunity to get everyone in the London tech scene out for a geek-out session at a cinema. But despite talking to cinemas about private screenings I drew a blank. But there’s clearly a crowd-sourcing option here which is this: TechCrunch readers all buying tickets at the same cinema for the same day and screening time.

District 9 looks like your classic sci-fi fare (and by endorsed by Peter Jackson no less). So I suggest we get sourcing a good cinema in London where we can all pre-book tickets and (cough) it’s on a day I can come (i.e. not next week please). I don’t know when District 9 comes out but it’s in the “the summer” so I’m guessing August or at least it’ll still be out in early September.

What do you all think?

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