The official Kindle 2 case is cracking the Kindle 2, $5 million lawsuit filed


It seems that the Kindle 2 has an issue when used with the official protective case: it cracks. Obviously everyone that spent $30 on the case that’s suppose to protect the Kindle from such damage isn’t too happy right now. Amazon previously stated that owners were kind of out of luck and had to spend an additional $200 for a replacement but recently started replacing cracked Kindles. The change probably has something to do with a $5 million lawsuit that includes buyers of Kindle 2 and Kindle DX models “installed in a Kindle Cover designed by Amazon.”

This seems to have been an issue for a while now judging by reviews on Amazon. Apparently one of the clips that holds the Kindle in place also tends to crack the case.

  • Before I checked out this post, I sent an inquiry to Amazon regarding the new crack forming at the top hinge. O’ well, I guess they already know about it. It seems like a rush to production.
  • The kindle cover cracked my kindle as well, for the same reasons mentioned by David Hetrich. I got a different case for mine, but Amazon will NOT support you when you try to get a replacement; they are insistent that this falls out of the product warranty. I would not be surprised if a lawsuit was on the horizon.
  • My cover has caused the kindle to crack. The bottom prong has cracked through the Kindle and now I have a four inch crack in my kindle!
We’re certain this isn’t the last we’ll hear of this lawsuit even though Amazon is now apparently replacing cracked Kindles. The best advice we can give you right now is obviously stop using the Amazon Kindle 2 case even if you haven’t noticed a crack yet. Hell, call Amazon and request a replacement case if you spent $30 on the Amazon model. The company might not honor the request right away, but Amazon might if enough people complain.