Socialtext Microblogging Appliance is Twitter in a box

As if the world needed more microblogging services we present the Socialtext Microbloggin Appliance, a rack server that basically builds out social networking and microblogging applications instantly inside an Intranet. Instead of relying on outside services like Yammer, Facebook, and AdultFriendFinder, your employees can tweet or whatever you want to call it all from the comfort of your offices and you have complete control of the drivel they spew.

The device costs $1 per user per month along with a small$1000 fee for the appliance. You can also try their Free 50 offer right now if your unsure if you want to allow this sort of frippery on your plant floor.

The service includes browser-based and standalone AIR apps.

Rapid, secure and scalable deployment, with either an on-site appliance, installed on your premises behind your firewall, or a hosted appliance installed in our data center.
Optional integration with your directory services (LDAP/Active Directory), which populates Socialtext’s rich user profiles, makes your corporate directory social, and provides single sign-on with your other intranet applications.
Extensibility, using REST APIs. The activity streams that appear on profile pages in the microblogging appliance can easily be integrated with third-party applications, providing a unified activity stream or making other applications social.
A rapid stream of enhancements with monthly software updates. Hosted appliances get updated automatically; on-site appliances have a single-step upgrade process, for all the benefits of SaaS and on site deployment combined.
Profiles in Socialtext Microblogging Appliance show not only the standard corporate data such as reporting structure and contact information, but also give a rich picture of the person, showing their photo, the people they are following, their profile pages on external social networks, tags that describe them, their recent Signals (140-character microblogging messages), and more.