Palm Pre launching in June, says Sarah Lacy

At CES, Palm announced that the new iPhone/BlackBerry/Android KILLA would be out in the first half of this year. This much we know for certain, but rumors of its price and launch date have already been floating around for some time. And now Nicholas Deleon’s favorite person in the world, Sarah Lacy, Twittered earlier today that Sprint employees were already being trained on the Pre.

i honestly tried to bribe sprint employees to give me an unlocked pre. they’re all training on them! i know they have them back there

Does this Twitter from an individual who is more enamored with how much money that Facebook kid makes give validation to a rumor from a forum poster whose informant is right 75 percent of the time? Nope. Wha?!

sprint employees told me the pre doesn’t come out until JUNE! :(

And so the saga continues.

Thanks for sending this in, Katie aka Twitter fiend.