Kublax goes into closed alpha

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Kublax, a hotly anticipated startup which syncs all your bank accounts, utilities, and loyalty schemes has launched an Alpha version to pre-registrants. Kublax was a winner of Seedcamp 2007, but in February it won a further round of undisclosed angel investment from Digitalents Capital, Five Ventures, Omnis Mundi Invest AG and The Accelerator Group (TAG). The site is designed to sync with all your bank accounts, utilities, and loyalty schemes like Air Miles to present all the information in a user friendly format. Users can then track incoming and outgoing cashflow and start to analyse personal finances. It also creates a social network around your personal finances where key information is not revealed but the “crowd” can source intelligence on investments, savings accounts and mortgages. Competitors in the US include Mint and Gazeo. Mint has had $17m in VC funding to date.

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