iPod Touch sports under-the-hood improvements over the iPhone

The gadget-smashers at iSuppli have cracked open and indexed the iPod Touch’s parts, and found that it’s more than a crippled iPhone (some would say the iPhone was crippled already, but that’s another story.) The parts used are 90 percent the same, they say, but the iPod Touch has a more unified design. It uses a single PCB for one thing, and the touchscreen and a different WLAN component are attached directly to that, instead of to a separate PCB in the iPhone. Some of the components were entirely new to the iPod’s destroyers, and a huge amount of care was taken, as one might imagine, in compressing everything into the smallest space possible. So when someone tells you your Touch is just a iPhone Minus, tell them about the streamlined circuit board design and remind them that it’s thinner as well. Then maybe an Eskimo kiss so they know you’re just playing around.

iSuppli Teardown Reveals iPod Touch Is More Than An iPhone Without A Phone