PS3 Goes DVR In 2008


Me: Santa, I’d like a PS3 for Christmas.

Santa: I thought you hated the PS3.

Me: Well, I did but Warwick Light, head of marketing for Sony in New Zealand, has made an announcement that’s making me eat my words. You see, Freeview is a free digital television and radio provider in NZ and Sony is hoping to support their terrestrial digital broadcast service by March 2008.

Santa: That’s not possible you f*cking idiot!

Me: It is possible because Sony is going to launch a digital tuner for the PS3, which will also allow users to record TV programming. I seriously take back every horrible thing I ever said about the PS3.

Santa: Oh. Ok. I’ll think about it.

Me: You’ll think about it?! WTF! I better see a PS3 under my Christmas tree or I’ll kick your ass, buddy. I own you. I know what you did last Christmas at the Biggs’ house.

Santa: Ok, ok, ok. For the record, John came onto me.

Me: I don’t care who hit on who. I just want a PS3. Get it done, fatboy.

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